Look at the recent developments in the world, you should suspect that we’re coming to the end of the information age. Yes, people, I believe a brand-new eon is upon us. At this point, everyone is so informed, we can’t shut up. The enigma with information is that it’s someone’s idea. And as ideas go, the legendry Ice Cube once eloquently said: “They stink.” That is fascinating! Nevertheless, if everyone has a right to their opinion, then I wish to exercise my right by sharing my estimation in this huge puddle of stinky information which we call the internet. I base a lot of my shared conclusions on my personal observation or experience. With this in mind, this blog is about what I think of American studs dating European women in today’s gynocentric culture.

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When slavery ended, some ex-slaves chose to repatriate to Africa. Those who knew their African self-esteem or heritage did not want anything to do with the system that enslaved them. Some had received a distinguished education before repatriating to Africa. They sort to establish a confederation of African empires and […]

Some of African’s Most Ruthless Tyrants in the 20th Century

I'm NOT 100% sure how it works these days when a street person seems wealthy and famous. Back in the days, we had a few ways to describe it. We'd say Ghetto Fabulous, or he's a Mac. Now, in the setting of this blog, let's turn our attention to the Mac part. Before we do that, we should define the terms. When the famous guy in question is an entertainer, he has what everyone knows as groupies. According to Ladona513 on the Urban Dictionary, Ghetto Fabulous means: “you live in the ghetto yet you are always seen with the latest of everything, standing at the bus stop decked out in name brand clothes and shoes, fresh hair and nails, talking on a cell phone, gold or platinum grill, iced-out wrists, fingers, ears, and neck, with a big, colorful hairstyle.”

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For a simple understanding, let's consider it as an alpha male community. Women are traditional, feminine, cooperative, friendly, loyal, and supportive in this sphere. They are far from radical feminists. One will find like-minded people of all ages, races, professions, religious beliefs, and cultural orientations here. Our common denominator is our awakened consciousness of the world as it is and not as we prefer it to be.

The Basic Understanding of Men & Women in the Manosphere

While radical feminism holds the hearts and minds of modern women, something tells me masculine and heterosexual men will be fine. In my reaction to the Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion WAP video, I said women have heard us. Feminism has a very powerful influence in a large part […]

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Before I say anything, I want to make it clear that I am against all forms of racism. It used to be normal for a woman to be next to her husband. Here, it is the opposite, but I still congratulate Prince Harry on supporting his wife. However, who should […]

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Quandary as Conquerers

Everyone has an opinion on the new Coming 2 America movie. So here is mine. Hopefully, these sentiments of disparity aren’t as potent as those about whether to listen to R. Kelly’s songs or not. Isn’t it mad that I dread a backlash when expressing my attitude towards something as […]

The Long-Awaited Sequal of the box-office classic, Coming to America

There is a Black Community in almost every advanced country in the west. This community consists of three main quarters of people of African descent. The Caribbean Populace, the African Populace, and the African American Populace. In 2021, during this month of black history, I will shed light on the often disremembered African community. These are Afropolitans born or raised either in Africa or abroad. We studied in the US, Australia, Canada, or Europe and spend a significant amount of time going to and from Africa. On March 7, 2010, Afropolitan Style described an Afropolitan as: “African + cosmopolitan. A collaboration of the two words.” They referred to people claiming the African continent or patronage with a tremendous interest in Africa.

Black History Month 2021: Global Awareness of the Afropolitan

In Sierra Leone, there is an experience. The majority of the poor expect anyone with money or opportunities to share those resources with them. This disenfranchised majority has the courage to beg or ask anyone for free help. If someone were grabbed during the perpetration of a crime, the police officers would probably prefer a bribe to justice. If a student flunked a test or exam, that teacher or professor would probably require money to pass them. Do you understand my point? When we have people, who consider themselves low in luck, who live a difficult life, accept bribes to look the other way, we have a systemic gap.

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There are fifteen tracks. The new Krio records, "Tonight feat. Reebz, & Specikinging," "IV U feat. Tru Raw & King Boss L.A," and"Superstar feat. Nes Mburu & Afrikan Diamond." There are Calypso and Soca crossovers, "Oh La La & Maria feat. Delee," as well as Zimba, Calypso, and Rap versions of my song "City Boy feat. Winnie Culture." Look for the Rock and Roll Crossover, "Demodogs feat. T. I. M. & Rene Guillot." This is Swift Nightz's first release from Berlin, Germany. I published its accompanying book, "Crime Rhymes" out of St. George's, Grenada, West Indies in 2019. I have slated this record as a November 2020 release.

African Black: The Unreleased Anthems & Ballads

In late October of 2020, even two weeks before the general elections, if you're an independent, you're still unclear on which exact policies the Democrats plan to implement if Joe Biden wins. What will the Biden administration do? What does "going too far left mean?" Some people say they want to take our guns. They will defund the police, and raise taxes as high as 62% for those who make over $400k a year. They haven't denounced Plan Parenthood. They also have not explained their position on topics like newer sexual preferences, children's role in gender identity, or unforeseen waves of feminism. Biden is 78 years old.

Voting Blindly in the 2020 US Presidential Election

Depending on the narrator of the story, police history varies from continent to continent. Or even from region to region. For example, the very first professionalized police were the Philadelphia PD. Their mandate was to control unbridled worker strikes. According to the text, the authorities (that ran the system back then) initially sent in the army to control the crowd. That often led to a bloodbath. Luckily for everyone, the government created the police as a less deadly option. So basically, when people resisted the law back then the authorities did not change the law or the system, they sent in the military to kill them.

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Right off the rip, I'd go ahead and point out that I've based this blog solely on my opinion. Yes, I will put my spin on what the mainstream media has reported. But, I do not intend for anyone to use my articles as a source for breaking news. My hope is that you learn a thing or two while I pray for the people involved in this story. For many years, our ebony queens have reported on how we don't notice their pain. They have repeatedly insisted that black men don't protect them nor do we make them feel safe. It's unfortunate that our women meet the wrong black men. The rule is, women are the price. You pick her up and drop her off.

The Megan Thee Stallion Vs. Tory Lanez Plot Thickens

At a Saturday brunch with three of my best friends in Berlin, a German, a Brit, and a South African of Scottish descent, we talked about my Sandmann's book series. I told them how it started as a blog I published to express my outlook on various contemporary topics. I wanted to ponder upon the social, and psychological changes in today's world response concerning religion, politics, gender, race, and sexuality. And how social media and pop culture accelerated them. The cellphone has put the worldwide web in our pocket. The information on the internet has rewired our social, political, and religious mentality.

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