Of all the problems that most men have with third / fourth wave feminism, it is the emasculation of our masculinity that stings the most. Many of us do not take Feminism seriously but it is turning men into victims. As a culture, we teach men to hide their emotions, even if they are killing us. As a society, we are now teaching boys to aim low and not educate themselves for well-paid jobs. And this is making us prone to suicide, homelessness, often unable to see our children and unwilling to face violence with nothing but more violence.

#1.) Fathers’ Rights – Father’s day compared to Mother’s Day is a good indication. Most men rarely receive useful gifts that they really want. They rarely receive an expensive gift. Even children glorify their mother and see that their father is a fungible member of the family. If something was wrong, they would send him to the office. A man is automatically seen as an incompetent father. Our methods of parenting, disciplining or teaching children are subject to the scrutiny and criticism of women. In fact, women can nullify a father’s decision assuming he is a buffoon, and the children will listen to her more than they hear their father. If dad says ‘kids, we’re going on vacation’ the kids look for their mom to confirm it. Because she has the final word. Most times, even if he is paying for everything or other cases when she’s paying.

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#2.) Feminism – It’s important to note that 1) today’s feminism is not what it was 30 years ago. Their agenda has grown darker. 2) feminism claims to be about women’s rights and equality, but it is not. Due to the third / fourth wave feminism and government assistance programs that only benefit women, the family is in danger. Countless number of single mothers has increased dramatically, religion has been discredited, and men have slowly become silent victims in society. Dogs and cats are treated better than most men today.

#3.) Anti-Male Double Standards – Men want to love women, not compete with them. Men want to be equally appreciated and loved. The correct movement of men is not anti-feminine, it is favorable to justice. We support the rights of women and support all other rights, including animal rights, environmental rights and our own rights. Since women have called for equality we believe that it is impossible to achieve true equality without eliminating all double standards against men. Yes, and this included misandry.


#4.) The Notion That All Men Are Potential Rapists/Pedophiles – Feminism bases its argument on inequality and the deprivation of women’s rights. However, it ignores the many exclusive privileges and support that women enjoy. It does not advocate that men receive the same exclusive privilege and support as women. Instead of challenging more women to take on difficult jobs where wages are good. It asks that the rules be reduced so that any woman can exploit any situation even if their daily obligations would mean more work for their male counterparts.

Under this circumstance, you find sex being used as a very effective weapon against men. The man is automatically supposed to want sex every time he interacts with a woman. If he does not, something must be wrong with him. As a result, women are on guard to prevent men from having sex with them. However, nothing is said of feminists, of groupies, who chase athletes, musicians and male celebrities for the sole purpose of trapping that man with a baby. If you are a man, you will find women making excuses to be alone with you.

If one has sex with you thinking she was going to trap you, but you escaped from her plot, then it bothers her. When you sleep with her and she regrets later she can cry rape and run to one of the many support programs where she is cuddled. But men who have been trapped do not have such considerations. Every time a man has been accused of ill-doing these women (who are totally against men) will protest for that man to lose his work, home, belongings and respect. They go where the man works, confronts his wife and support network. Once they have blackballed him they intend for him to lose everything. But you do not see them asking for the same thing when a woman is accused of wrongdoing.


#5.) Reproductive Rights – Rock is a 26 years old heterosexual male. He likes sports, drinking, and lots of casual sex with random women. Rock is also a factory worker making $15 an hour. An income that is not enough to pay for rent, food and clothes. He takes night classes at his local community college. He has a long term goal of becoming a stock broker. Rock plans to wait until he graduates from night school before settling down to have children. This is because he knows how expensive it is to raise a family and plans to be a great provider and family..

One day everything changed when he met and fell in love with Scarlet. She is a 28 year old red head with freckles. She has a sweet voice and an eye popping figure and she’s also a college graduate who is employed as a social worker. Scarlet has her own place, a car and a daughter from a previous relationshit. She wants to have another child but as a feminist she’s not too kin on religious rules that govern sex and marriage. Of course, she dreams of running down the isle in a wedding dress and saying “I do” to a great guy but she’s also okay with being an unwed mother as she has enough government assistance programs at her disposal where the only thing she needs from a man is his sperm.

Being honest, Rock informed Scarlet that although he wants to have casual sex for pleasure, he has no intention of fathering a child in the next 5 years. He wants to date Scarlet who has asked him to move in with her but he is not ready to commit fully until he has graduated night school, found a decent job as a stock broker and saved up enough to afford the family. Scarlet assures him that she’s on the pill so he has the green light to cum as much as he wants. Within a year Scarlet has chased all Rock’s friends away, they are so exclusive that he does not have the numbers of any other woman since Scarlet frequently hacks his phones and computer to read his messages secretly and often uncovers Rocco’s side chicks.

Their year long honeymoon is soon interrupted when she announces that she’s pregnant and she’s keeping the baby. Rock gets angry, they fight, she breaks up with him and kicks him out. Rock is given the choice to forgo his night school so he can get a second job to support the baby when a year later Scarlet filed for child support. She has a new boyfriend living with her and Rock is not allowed to visit his son unless he can bribe Scarlet by doing something ridiculous to please her.*