10 Tips on Navigating Through the Court of Public Opinion Pt. I

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I had read the map and seen the direction in which the public’s opinion is going. And I came up with my own way to navigate through that mase. 1. Don’t try to present a positive image to the public, 2. Be blunt about the asshole and jerk that you are (or they paint you ass), 3. Never rely on praises and accolades, 4. Learn how to walk alone, 5. Never save substantial amounts of money in their banks, 6. Don’t put your name on anything, 7. Accept an award only if it helps to improve your earning power, 8. Date if you’re in love, marry for love but when you want sex, pay for it, 9. When people promote their gender or sexuality, you should develop yours as well, and 10. Never, ever, ever, let anyone know your next move or figure out your desire.

10. Never, Ever, Ever, Let Anyone Know Your Next Move or Figure Out What You Truly Desire

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They can guess, except you never exhibit your true desire unless it’s with your spouse, your children or your family and friends. I would keep a short list of friends on this. Take your cue from governments, corporations, institutions and such. See how the deal with the public or even their customers. Some of us love coca cola, but can we make it at home? Why not? They hid the recipe!!! We love video games but can we copy the play station or Xbox? Whenever something serious happens, the public always has questions for the mayor, the police chief or the governor. Does the mayor, the police chief or the governor ever answer their questions? Hell no! Not until that information is entirely useless.

The reporters set up a podium, with microphones and invite everyone to listen. The delegated person from the government or corporation goes and speaks at that podium. They ask them A they answer E. Ask F they answer W. At any given moment every individual is dealing with a team. When a criminal commits a crime and becomes a fugitive, they have a team of experts coming after them. When a man asks a woman to be his girlfriend, she has a group of best friends who help her with advice or support. Go to the store to shop, there is a team that put that whole store together.

I had read the map and seen the direction in which the public’s opinion is going. And I came up with my own way to navigate through that mase.

It’s you vs. a few teams out there. The school faculty are a team, the supervisors at work are a team. You may deal with one person, but that person represents the organization. What do teams do? They practice, discuss strategies and work as one unit with one goal. Remember that it’s only you (and your family) against all of them. The last thing you want to do is sell yourself out.

9. When People Promote Their Gender or Sexuality, You Should Promote Yours


I’m a heterosexual male who would like to think that I’m kind, fun to hang with and very ambitious in my dispositions. I am a proud black man from a small village in Sierra Leone. Sadly, I was not born in my town and only visited once. Amazingly, life has taken me on an adventurous journey. I came up in Christianity, a baptized and confirmed Catholic. I say this to point out that there is a lot to fight for within my creed. You cannot shift focus from your movement to go big up another campaign.

I respect people of all race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Whenever there is a case of discrimination against any people of any creed, I am one of the first to speak against it. However, I am a straight man, so I wave the flag for straight people. I am a black man the majority of my work reflects that. Although you can support other causes and promote other people’s agendas, you must be true to who you are. You must protect your creed while respecting others.

8. Date If You’re in Love, Marry for Love But When You Want Sex, Pay For It


When I was learning the rules, they told me to date or get married for emotion only. They said a man should marry the woman he loves and live happily ever after in devotion and affection. Those are my rules. Nothing against gays or feminists but when I was coming up my instructions were to bypass your paths. Oh yeah, no polygamy, incest, pedophilia or bestiality as well. Still, I am a sinner. I consider homosexuality a sin but so are fornication and adultery. So are lying, stealing, bearing false witness, drinking, eating swine, etc. I’ve figured out that most of the pleasurable experiences in life often turn out to sin.

She came in for a relationship, a marriage but instead, she got deceived and used. Which is the case for many women who seek a long-term relationship?

You may not commit one, but you inevitably engage in the other. There is no way to get through a day without falling. And as a sinner, I cannot condemn another sinner because we are both the same. And they said all sins are equal. My reasoning for this is because of the current dynamics of most relationship I’d say men are more satisfied than women. The guy came for sex anyway. He had his sex, so he’s okay. But the women, on the other hand, is duped. She came in for a relationship, a marriage but instead, she got deceived and used. Which is the case for many women who seek a long-term relationship?

This can happen with a married man who had an affair when his mistress wants him to leave his wife, and he does not. Or a bachelor who is a serial cheater that pretends to be looking for love. Women looking for commitment have no way to tell. While she was investing her time and energy into that relationship, it would be devastating if she realizes five years later after having two kids that the man was not serious about making a family with her. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. At least when you offer an incentive, she can choose to enjoy the fun, take the present and run. And the player can sleep around without lying. Paying for sex is cheesy but it’s also very honest and straight forward.

7. Accept an Award Only if it Helps to Improve Your Earning Power


As an entertainer, you belong to the world of art. The world of art is the only field where people do not appreciate you. Well, I can’t speak for now, but I can risk a bet that misandry still exists. A guy steps to a girl to ask her out, if she does not cover her boobs and scream harassment, she is sure to ask what the hell do you do for a living? If you say something like tap dancing or bird whistling she could judge you as an underachiever. You may even lose the opportunity to marry her.

However, if you were a successful clown who had traveled the world performing for high-end customers and you made a good income then, of course, she would excuse you. Same as a woman who meets an educated guy. She is really into him, wants to get to know if he has any baby mamas, which if he doesn’t she will snag him. However, after drooling over her ass and her boobs, he asks her what she does for work, and she says go-go dancing. He’s gonna think, thot with low self-esteem and daddy issues. But if she danced at the hottest club in town, had a million Instagram followers and drove a Porsche he would make an exception and marry her.

Entertainers need their money upfront and pronto. So when it comes to entertainment careers, it is understandable why wealth, fame or accolades would be significant. They are the only real validations of your success. You’re not just the drummer on that cover band at the beach bar. You’re an Emmy award-winning star! Or a Grammy award-winning superstar. This recognition is meaningful but there’s only one catch, they can take those awards from you whenever they want.

Therefore, you know the media will publish any story that sells. The police can lie or kill, plus the judge will let them go free. Your bank can freeze your money. Furthermore, the laws, policies or ethics can change. You have to be the king of all pimps. Nothing is reliable or set in stone. Everything is fluid. If they give you an award, it’s value is excellent if it increased your profile to make more money. That money is what you need to get out and move on.


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