10 Tips on Navigating Through the Court of Public Opinion Pt. II

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6. Don’t Put Your Name on Anything


This blog stemmed from the article about Morgan Freeman feeling “devastated that his career is at risk of being undermined in the blink of an eye.” The problem with black celebrities is they never retire. Morgan could have retired years ago. He never moved on to something else. Same with Bill Cosby. Black stars fasten themselves to the system without a plan to get out. Instead of making a bit of money and then getting out, they stay and fight for acceptance. Consequently, when they want to destroy them, they pull one string, their entire career tumbles down. Moreover, because their name is on everything, their name goes down with them. Why is that so? Because they pursued a dream, but once it came through they plugged in.

A lot of celebrities who fall victim to feminism actually promoted it in the past. They didn’t know what they were supporting. The same thing is happening with Kanye West. He was a college dropout from Chicago, came up, and produced a few classics. He got a record deal, a clothing and shoe line and all of a sudden he wants to plug in. Marries an industry women, tries to maintain a clean reputation and wants to be like Picasso. Whereas if he were smart, he would have stopped chasing strippers, married his original girlfriend, saved his money outside of the system and acquired a few properties in remote places of the world. That way even if they try to bring him down he won’t fall. He will just move on to another thing.

5. Never Save Substantial Amounts of Money in One Country


Some people believe that money is power, but I think what you do with your money is where the strength lies. Years ago, in the late 90s, I was living in the States banking with Fleet Bank. I had a semi-decent job, an almost new car and was in college. I learned a valuable lesson about banking back then. The bank is supposed to be a safe place to keep your money. They should retain your funds for you, including if they have incentives for investment. You want to raise interest by just leaving large amounts in your savings account. You expect your money to be available to you at all times.

Furthermore, you should grow your available balance rapidly and without too many questions. The money is yours, your agreement is between you and them, plus they serve you. Right??? Wrong!

A Personal Lesson

My lesson happened when a credit card company called. Don’t even ask me how they got my prepaid cellphone number. I was counting my blessings when they offered me a $2500 credit limit. For a late 90’s college student in his early twenties, that proposition was fantastic! The agent said no credit check was necessary. They only wanted a blank check as confirmation of my bank account and a paystub as proof of employment. Easy enough. The next day I put a blank check in the mail with a copy of my paystub. A week later a box arrived. In it were pamphlets and books as well as a letter with the credit card.


You couldn’t believe my excitement. I could buy some new kicks, pimp my ride and take my girl on an excellent dinner date! Plus, I can pay off the card increasing my chance to improve my credit? Incredible!!! Called up and activated the card, showered, got dressed and sped to the closest Footlocker. At the cash register paying for my new Jordans’, the card declined. Oh no! My new credit card! I ran to my car, ransacked the back seat for the company’s 1-800 number and dialed them on my prepaid celly. To my amazement, they told me the card does have a $2500 credit limit, but the pamphlets and books cost $2500. This means the card had $0 in it until I paid the company their $2500 for the contents of the box.

Okay, I don’t want this card anymore. I asked the agent why didn’t they tell me about the items? Why didn’t they tell me that the card wouldn’t have money on it? The agent said the purpose is to help young people build their credit. That’s why they don’t do a credit check. Once you pay off the $2500 and learn the information in the pamphlets and books, your credit will be established. Sorry, I told the agent to deactivate the card, and I will ship the box with all it’s items back to them. He agreed. He disabled the credit card, and the next day I shipped their box back to them. I’d wasted gas and minutes on my prepaid phone.

My Personal Resolution

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About two weeks later my debit card declined. That was impossible since I worked and went to school all day. My employer direct deposited my pay. Life was hectic, there was never any time to spend money. I went to my bank to see what’s going on. They told me my account is overdrawn. The credit card company took their $2500. What??? First of all, how are you my bank when you give my money away without my permission? Second, I returned the card so why did they take my money? After months of running around between the credit card company and the bank, I realized one thing.

Black stars fasten themselves to the system without a plan to get out. Instead of making a bit of money and then getting out, they stay and fight for acceptance. 

Even though that was my account and I worked for every penny in it, I did not have 100% control. The bank could freeze the bank account, and certain institutions could withdraw payments without my permission. And there is no one who I can hold liable. They communicate with me by my name, address, and employment information and I talk to them on a 1-800 number, a company letterhead or a clerk. Whatever they say is gold and whatever I say means little or nothing.

Pay your taxes, pay your bills and utilities, report your income but keep your money outside of the system. At least most of it. Put it in a place where no one can freeze it, pay themselves or restrict your access to your own shit. Never save all your money in one bank. You never know what could happen. If you have paper, build a house in another country. Go to the Caribbean or Africa, buy land, build a business. And always retire early. Get out of the market and start your own venture. There are many second and third world countries with fantastic opportunities to do your own thing.

4. Learn How to Walk Alone


This tip is to help you to survive the backsplash from following the first three pieces of advice. When people know that you don’t try to present a positive image to the public, they will cut you off. That is the perfect place you want to be as an asshole. You want to be in a position where you trust the people who are around you. You know they are not walking away. Or if they do, you recruit new people. There roughly eight billion people in the world. You can find at least five hundred people to rock with you if you look hard enough. Find a hobby that you enjoy and do it frequently.

For me, my hobbies are reading, blogging, cooking, or traveling. Never be afraid to be alone. Remember that you came into this world naked and helpless. Know that you will die one day, and your flesh will fall from your bones. You are alone without even knowing it. Also consider that no matter how long you live, you will be dead for a far longer time. If you don’t want to be alone, make a family. Find out the adjustments you have to make to your appearance and your personality and make them. Attract a like-minded person and marry them. Have children and live your life for your family.

That is the perfect place you want to be as an asshole. You want to be in a position where you trust the people who are around you. 

If people want to interact with you, and they are the type of people you want to communicate with then be their loyal friend, be 100% the best friend you can be. Don’t expect anything in return when you do things for your friends. Give willingly, love wholeheartedly, support them fully. However, if people alienate you, for reasons best known to them. You should already have a few hobbies and a family that occupies your time. One of my biggest hobbies is sports. I watch basketball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, boxing, or wrestling. I love movies, theater, music, poetry, etc. Stand for something, and never fall for everything.

3. Never Rely on Praises and Accolades


As an unapologetic jerk and an asshole, two things you never want to sucker yourself into are praises and accolades. Bear in mind that they can take them away. Consequently, before you accept compliments, you have to clarify that they understand that you are an asshole. It’s not that you actually are an asshole or a jerk. You may be the most courteous and disciplined person. What you’re trying to do is not get hooked to the puppet strings. Once they start praising you and handing you all sorts of accolades and you keep accepting without reaffirming your position, now they have their hooks in you. Honorary doctorates, big titles, legacies, awards, recognition are great things to aspire for. But keep in mind that policies can change.

One day they’re sending people to prison for smoking a joint the next they are selling weed for recreational purposes. One century they are teaching women how to be proper housewives the next they are shaming women who are great housewives. Look at it this way. Aber Rose does a “SlutWalk” every year. She explains it as empowerment for women and redefines the word slut. Think of this as a Jerk Walk or an Asshole Walk (theoretically). Simply like those women in the “SlutWalk” claim that they are not sluts. Or if they are then the men who sleep with them are sluts also. The people in the Jerk Walk are not really jerks. If they are then the ones calling them a jerk are jerks too.

2. Be Blunt About the Asshole or Jerk That You Are (Or They Paint You As)


I’m not saying you should be disrespectful or rude to people. I’m not even telling you to be inconsiderate. I promote kindness to strangers, respect for elders, discipline, chivalry, philanthropy and all the other forms of courtesy. Never try to make yourself look like an angel. My approach is reciprocation. When I meet someone I give my first fuck for free. That one is on the house. After I’ve given that, now it’s the persons turn to reciprocate. Based on the type of fuck I receive in return that will determine if I’m embracing or shitting on this person. And the good part about it is, I let it be known.

It doesn’t have to be a desperate guy situation. Does not have to be violent or directly disrespectful. Just has to be intimated. From the way you talk, the way you walk, the things you call for, etc. the other person should have a hint. If they don’t oh well, still shit if you’re gonna shit. In this strategy, you’re giving fair but subtle warning. So there are no big surprises later when you don’t get down like that. I believe it better for the public to think low of you and you live an upstanding and healthy life. You volunteer, you give, you care, you are humble, you educate yourself, etc. It doesn’t matter what people think as long as you are doing the right thing. Your aim is to be fair to everyone including yourself.

Racism is wrong, homophobia is wrong, radical feminism is misguided, incest and polygamy are all wrong. You ground yourself positively touch the lives of people, but you do not put yourself in a situation where the public dictates how you go about doing that. Everyone will die one day. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. No one is ever 100% right. If you see a woman who you would like to date, you should tell her. You wish to make flirty jokes, do it. If the person does not like it, apologize and explain that this who you are. You won’t do that to them again. But you can do that with someone else. They might like it. Don’t stifle your grounded nature just because you are afraid of losing something.

1. Don’t Try to Present a Positive Image to the Public


The biggest flaw I’ve noticed in society is in the rules and regulations. The law, the policy, the moral, the ethics, the norm. Etc. These are the first indications that society and authorities exercise to stay in control. As a masculine, heterosexual male, I clearly abide by laws and procedures. Despite that, I do not like when they change. Especially when they do so to put me in a disadvantageous position. Okay, we all want things to change for the better although what we consider as “better” could be relative. It depends on the situation.

Nonetheless, without telling you that I would break laws, policies or ethics, I will put it this way. Just because something is a law or policy or ethic that does not make it right. My advice to you is to do what’s right even when it breaks the law or policy. Here again, the word “right” may be relative. Use your discretion. Slavery was once backed by statute. In those laws, the slave owners had legal right to do as they please with any of their slaves. They could sell the slave, rape the slave, beat the slave, kill the slave, starve the slave and that was their legal right. But the law made it illegal for a slave to run away from their master. Even the Torah, Bible and Koran has humbling advises on how a slave should roll over and let their master walk all over them.

Think of this as a Jerk Walk or an Asshole Walk (theoretically). Simply like those women in the “SlutWalk” claim that they are not sluts. Or if they are then the men who sleep with them are sluts also. The people in the Jerk Walk are not really jerks. If they are then the ones calling them a jerk are jerks too.

There was once a time when the law prohibited women from having any freedom of choice. They could not own property or vote, they could not marry for love. The average woman lived to serve her father and her husband. She cleaned the house, prepared the meals, and had babies. These limitations that women experienced during that time was back by the law. They were a part of every policy, moral or ethics. With those two examples alone you can see what I’m getting at. It was against the law to help a slave to escape to freedom. Even when the master abused them in every way. I was against the law for women to own property even when she was the first born in her family.

Just because something is written in the rules, policies or ethics that does not make it right. However, the public will judge you by the laws, the ethics or procedures. They will praise or condemn you by the norms that they accept. But most of those norms were taught to them. So, if you try to present a positive image to them, you subject yourself to their power. Accept the asshole you are and let it be known that you will holla at a bitch if you think she’s good looking. You’re gonna try to fuck that woman, and you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about that. Stand your ground and get what you want.*


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