Wearing Muscle Shirts in Public

I remember years ago when I was trying to build my following. Here I was with my first album and book, but no one knew me. One thing led to another, and I peeked at this free online dating site. They have a reputation for women who don’t respond to messages. I was not seriously looking for a partner instead I was there because I’d read about guys who were getting no love on the site. I was curious to know what the women looked like.

There was a feature on there that told me who saw my profile. I noticed that even though only a handful of people answered my gameless messages, hundreds of men and women visited my profile at the time. That’s when the lights went on in my head! Fuck a date; I need these people to buy my new book! Each book was at least $20, so if one hundred people bought my ledger each month, I’d have tons of Hennessey, weed, and loads of bling.

No, seriously, I saw an opportunity to divert some of those people to my Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages. So I sent out mass messages as, an artist and an author who is selling his new book. Didn’t care who judged or misinterpreted me. I needed as many people as possible to speak, praise, complain or whatever, just check my shit out. And it worked! Thousands of people flooded my Facebook and Twitter pages. My website and blog saw a sharp increase in traffic, and I became a ghetto superstar.

Then a disgruntled someone informed the owner to fret about my profile. They were too late, I had torn this thing wide open, but I wanted to find out what is happening. So, I went ahead and read about the rules on what is allowed. Of course, what caught my eye was the list of photos that one is not supposed to post. I was expecting things like don’t promote the KKK or don’t do show kidnapped victims or things of that nature. Instead, they scored stuff like no pics of muscles, no pics of fancy cars, no pics of guns, etc. The rules read as if they know what all women want.

I saw it right away, the bitches on that site seldom responded to the guys who messaged them because the website vilified dominant male behaviors. That list was indoctrinating the women so they will be turned off by men who show good health, material abundance or strength. Why tell a person not to flaunt his muscles in a country where obesity is a problem? Why discourage men from being proud of their accomplishment? If I worked hard and bought a beautiful car, why should I not be proud of it, to show the girl I’m trying to get? What if I’m a gun lover, does that make me a thug?

So of course, I decided to fuck with them. I started to post photos of guns, SUVs, pictures without a shirt on and the likes because I wanted to see what will happen if I did that? How unique are the thwarts on this website that I need to restrain my personality just so they will agree to a date? To hell with them, I thought. At the moment I thought, how dare they tell me who or what I should be? I was never going to publish those images in the beginning, but just because someone tried to indoctrinate me, I rebelled automatically.

The point I am making is always BE who you are no matter what. If someone is going to like you, females should love you the way you are. They should get no explanations or apologies. It’s a dating site, if you’re a mechanic goddamn it, show yourself fixing cars. If you are a model, show your modeling. As long as you’re not hurting others, you’re cool.

Refusing to Let Anyone Else Touch Your Grill

All of my Hip Hop heads, which one of you still remembers in the 90’s when the slang “guard ya grill” was favorite? So out of all the fathers who the powers have chased out of the home, the remaining dads need to wear rompers and give up their grill? After all the work women do with their career, kids or relationship, she now has to man the barbecue at the family picnic? That’s the dream right there, the beautiful wife, intelligent children, the house, the souped-up minivan and the barbeque grill.

Remember back when society had those unwritten rules? If you saw a girl, you liked you “holla” at her and asked her out on a carefully planned date? I used to practice how I’d walk up to her and open her door. If you sold drugs you did not sell to children, pregnant women, or someone you knew had a bright future, but are about to take the wrong path. You sat on the stoop with the younger guys (me being that younger man) and taught them about life. How to stay in school, respect elders and take care of your family.

Society had rules, and everyone played their position. If you’re fat, broke, talentless, everyone told you. The gays and trans stayed in the closet (NOT SAYING THEY SHOULD), white people didn’t act black, women had the whole house to themselves, but men ruled in the man cave, the garage and on the barbecue grill. So what happened with that time and with the people who understood the rules of society and played by them? Nothing!

As I said earlier, the old generation did not die. The same woman who prayed for a husband in 1990 is the same one in 2017, talking about how she does not need a man. These are the same women who watched the likes of Rickie Lake, Oprah, Dr. Phill, Maury, Jerry Springer, Tyra, etc. The same guy who was in those triple X baggy jeans in 1998 is the same one in tight pants right now. The people did not die off suddenly; Nope! The powers directly reprogrammed their thinking.

What is a TV show called? A program. Why did CNN, FOX, and all the media remain active when they did all those polls and still got the Trump election wrong? Why did they not lose credibility? Hey, why do you think you have social media? But if you share certain truths, the moderators block your account? You, me and everyone else came from the generation that believed otherwise. If in 2000 you surveyed the rights of transgenders to use the public restrooms of the opposite sex where children have access, the overwhelming majority would say no. Those people are the same ones that are alive now, so how did they change their minds?

Today, government, media, and entertainment in the West have launched large-scale attacks against the heterosexual family. Religion upholds that structure, so religion is also under attack. They have used the internet to take innocence away from children and deceived women and men to anticipate life-size dolls as their romantic partner. So tell me, is it a surprise that this brainwashed society now wants to take the garage, man cave, and grill away from men? They have even given men see through rompers.*


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