August is usually my busiest time of year. Besides celebrating my birthday, it’s a time when I make updates or start new undertakings. If not that, then I’m probably on business related travels. With that said, I had to make time to play with some of these ideas. But, since many people tend to be emotional or passionate or personal about other people’s point of view, I have no choice but to ask you to crucify my high school English teachers.

Because they are the ones, who created the beast in me. Yes, my English teacher at Christ the King College was very keen on discussing issues from a factual yet intellectual point of view. And the one at Methodist Boys High School wanted to provoke a reaction in you. By the way, in both schools, the same guy also taught Literature. You will have to crucify these guys if you are offended by my point of view. They taught me how to approach any argument from opposite sides of opinions without attaching my emotion to them. The best way to put it is to compare it to lucid dreaming.

Since the author has already made one point of view, I come in and write on the same topic but from another logic. Only, the logic I use is merely another point of view. I enter the dream and rearrange this as if I was Marty or Doc in some future or past life. Get it? Since I’m not a journalist, preacher or spokesperson, but a musician with a theatrical mindset, I leave it all in paper and allow you to make what you make of it. Doing this does not reflect my personal belief. Basically, what I’m saying is, I’m going to write a blog about Fashion Bean’s “16 Things Guys Should Really Stop Doing” but from a different perspective from the author, R. J. Wilson.*

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