20 Ruttish Sexii, Sexies of 2015 Pt. 1

The general consensus is that the Slot-C is the end goal of a man’s lust. As opposed to what many are taught, the truth is any man can attest that after his fair share of Slot-Cs he never found one that looked, tasted, felt or even smelled sweeter than the other. A Slot-C is a Slot-C no matter if it was Caucasian, African, Asian, Arab, Native or Hispanic.

If you slept with J-lo, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Meagan Good then you slept with a random bartender, maid or student, each of those Slot-Cs would be closer to the same than sweeter than the other. Our individual difference has to exist on a spiritual or mitochondrial level since there are only a few disparities of the same type of people. So if Slot-Cs are mostly similar then why is lust related to sex?

The philosopher in me got to thinking; what makes one woman different from the other when every Slot-C on average is the same? Personality would have a lot to do with what pulls a man to lust after one woman and then shun another. It would have to be where she was born and raised, what she believes, what she would and wouldn’t accept, her smarts, education, status, religious belief, and upbringing or his psychological attachment to that particular woman.

Another way to substantiate this is to look at the latest generation of Slot-Cs and analyze their moral belief. To a great extent, they are influenced by social media, reality TV, and feminism. This makes them behave differently from the previous generation but it doesn’t change the taste, feel, look or smell of their Slot-C. Even though the mentality and behavior have changed the biology remains the same.

Photo credit: redcarpet.gr

On the physical plane, facial beauty is the second most alluring factor in female sex appeal. Facial beauty is so significant the makeup industry has thrived for centuries. Her hair, her forehead, her skin, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, lips, teeth, chin, and neck. The Slot-C is no different biologically even though it’s seen as the main thing men want from women.

Of course, some women have wider Slot-Cs than others, some have lighter and darker skin but whenever science breaks it down, whether it’s a virgin or a hotdog in a hallway situation, once the light goes off, the Peg-D cannot tell the difference. Especially if you’re pushing six inches or more. A Peg-D will have to be as small as a pinky if it couldn’t navigate the average Slot-C. Yeah I know, this blog is raw.

Fellas, it’s that time again. It’s been two years since our last sexiest woman on the planet blog. This year we will be looking at some very interesting beauties from all categories of the public. We will be breaking down the fact that society is wrong when it teach women to believe that men are only interested in their Slot-C. To make the point that a man’s lust is not driven by his desire to peg her Slot-C, we will focus on personality, facial beauty, status and the third distinction in a woman’s sex appeal – her aura.

This asset ties in with her personality when it pulls men towards her. Most men look at the obvious – breast size, shape of the hips and the texture of her booty, when they check out the new prospect but in his subconscious mind he’s reckoning her aura and matching that with her facial beauty, status and upbringing in order to decide how her Slot-C will be appreciated differently from the last one he turned down. *

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