The Yonkers Emcee who has sold at least platinum on every one of his album releases vowed to turn his life around after this experience.” On Wednesday (May 13th) legendary Yonkers, New York, emcee DMX completed his 90 days incarceration at Arizona’s prison. This facility is also known as the Maricopa County Jail. The emcee who has […]


Heading in a new direction musically Cam’ron did not adapt to the new styles in the game but instead he maintained his street edge and stayed true to his Harlem style which entailed his witty lyrical wordplay.” Cam’ron Giles made a re-entrance on the Hip Hop scene after a two (2) year hiatus. The last time fans heard […]



In the song Em raps about taking Mariah Carey from Nick and Nick has expressed great distaste for those lyrics…” Diamond selling Hip Hop heavyweight Eminem has ruffled many feathers with his hot new album. The song “Bagpipes from Baghdad” off his Relapses album has reportedly offended Nick Cannon. In the song Em raps about taking Mariah Carey […]