Born in New York, New York, this 80’s baby is an all American heiress who converted from a child model and grew up into a media personality. Paris Hilton managed to accomplish everything in Hollywood. From modeling to acting, fashion designing to music and now launching a full documentary of her life. Paris has a hustle […]


It’s never ordinary when you run into a female Emcee with such style and grace as Toronto’s own Ivy Karma. Call her a star or better yet, a comet because her velvety sophistication comes with custom made sexiness.” Lyrically, she is better than the best before and after her. Her level of talent can only […]


  The top five earnings according the Forbes were Jay – Z’s $35 million, P. Diddy’s $30 million, Kanye West’s $25 million, Akon and 50 Cent’s tie for fourth place with $20 million…” Senegalese American megastar who goes by the name Akon, celebrated when he ascended through the music industry’s glass ceiling and landed on […]


As the Canadian Hip Hop circuit explores international recognition, it continues to be propelled by a series of very distinct yet consciously motivated underground artists. Hip Hop’s globalization in the early 2000s saw a new transition for many who hailed from places where a hard knock life creates raw talent. From Vancouver to Montreal,  to Halifax […]