Jersey Shore Lingo & Hip Hop Slang

TV portrays Jersey Shore as one with new trend and slang talk; but if you look carefully you will see that these trends were already established in Hip Hop music and culture.” For those who do not know what the slang “lingo” means, it is a Hip Hop jargon which implies language. Some people will […]

The Correct Look For A Real Hip Hop Head

Hip Hop had evolved as a daring Kulture at a time when preexisting mindsets resisted the notion that a slew of authentic emcees could change the world. Without first attempting to understand the Kulture, style, essence, lyrics, clothing, lifestyle, language, music or the hustle portrayed in its elements – those with a preexisting mindset quickly categorized it as a […]

The Seven Deadly Sins

The adage goes; “the love of money is the root of all evil.” The most severe root of evil can also be seven sins that many do not even think about. Before we get into that, what are the seven sins? All over the world, people belong to different religions and cults. Some choose to […]

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People should read my blog only for amusement. Perhaps photo credit: one was curiously skeptical of the topic he/she should ALWAYS remember the context with which the statement was made. The goal is to understand my perspective as opposed to casting judgment when one does not agree with it. You cannot expect everything to be in your favor. One of […]

50 Cent & Oprah

50 Cent was sighted as being the number two most entertaining African American celebrity right behind Oprah!! Now we all know for sure that Oprah is flying high. She’s not a star, she makes them!!! So if you can be mentioned anywhere close to her name, then you’re up there too. * Congrats my brother. Whats ur […]

Snoop Dogg & Amy Winehouse Collaboration

A collaboration between English songstress Amy Winehouse and Hip-Hop legend, Snoop Dogg, ended up in smoke. According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper,  the pair’s recording session was null when the two became “too high,” reportedly. Snoop reportedly invited Winehouse to collaborate on a couple of tracks. But the duo’s progress was impeded after they allegedly smoked too much […]