Ghetto Breed Entertainment (GBEnt) announces that Freddy Will’s third album and book (which title is yet to be disclosed) has been pushed back to July 7, 2013. Before the end of 2012, he is releasing “City Of Kings: RELOADED.” It’s a triple CD album containing “While I’m Still Young 1.2v” (English album), “Dark Horse From […]


This new single-player campaign highlights two storylines. One is set between the 1970s through to 1980s, and the other part is in 2025. Alex Mason reappears as a Cold War hero who fights in place of the United States government; look out for missions in Central America, Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and Angola. This […]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

During the 1960s underground CIA-assisted black operations are sustained behind enemy lines.  Assignments are given in different localities around the world. From Cuba to Kazakhstan to central Russia, the Arctic Circle Hong Kong, Laos, and Vietnam, the single-player campaign gyrates around an experimental chemical weapon codenamed “Nova-6.” As the player, you control Alex Mason, a […]

Ontario Talent Conglomerate

In light of recent developments on October 18th, 2012 Freddy Will Industries was renamed – Brick City Music Crackhouse (B. C. M. C.). The change was made to accommodate our latest developments in addition to broadened spectrum for additional ventures best suited under this new moniker. As an Ontario resident, Freddy Will has successfully established […]

The God Particle

In July 2012 it was announced that the Higgs boson has been discovered. Three young scientists from the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) were led by the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland where the Malaysian science students became one of the pioneers in this historic discovery. Upon the announcement, The Ministry of Science, […]

Shark Occurrences

Most people expect to encounter sharks in the deep sea or the middle of the ocean. Surfing on a beach in California or Florida how amazing is it that vivid shark attack signs are being erected along the beach? If you talk to someone who claims to know better, they will tell you that sharks […]

Misconceptions Pt. 3

RACISM – Just because One speaks on race issues to shed light on double standards in society does not mean they are a troublemaker. I address many problems where I look at both sides and contrast today’s norm with the perceptions where society has evolved from. The main thing I want people to understand about me is, […]

My Conclusion On The Mayan Calender

As fascinating as the Mayan calendar is, it is important to note that they slaughtered thousands of innocent people hoping to appease their gods and save their dying culture. Only, they turned out to be nonexistent while the remnants of their bizarre culture are being uncovered by today’s self-proclaimed know-it-all archaeologists. No one knows everything. […]

Misconceptions Pt. 2

These blogs sharpen my writing skills. Toying around with different topics, exercising logic, practicing wordplay and such to develop various grammar styles with advanced vocabulary helps a lot when I write my books. People should read my blogs only for the amusement but if someone had something to say, please subscribe and comment on the […]