The Pan African Creed Pt. 2

The Pan African adaptation is one that takes place on a global forum. One cannot say the West despises Africa although they enslaved the people, defrocked the economy and colonized us. They exploited our mineral resources and prevented the heritage from reaching a mainstream attraction. Likewise, one cannot say that Africans hate the West when […]

The Pan African Creed Pt. 1

There is a modern bastardization of the Pan African movement. Some people believe that Afrocentrism, Nubian-ism or Pan African-ism is socialist beliefs. They have wrongly mistaken the late 1990s through to this point. These comprehensions are not fundamentalist opinions. More to the misconception is the taint of Pan African pathfinders. Those are the people who […]

Afrocentrism Pt. 2

The goal is to restore our lost heritage and garner universal respect for Africans. It is necessary to reiterate that Africans have a long line of Royal ancestry just like Europe, Russia, The Middle East, or Asia. Afrocentrism is a pursuit to free the minds of black people from low self-esteem. That does not imply […]


The Universal Zulu Nation also teaches a doctrine that is closely related to Abraham doctrines. We’ve examined Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as Abrahamic faiths that influenced the basis of modern culture. African culture is a none racist experience that welcomes all people. To experience African culture accurately anyone who declares it must bear its roots. […]

Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 5

THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE FIFTEEN BELIEFS OF THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION – SECTION. 3 15] “The Universal Zulu Nation Stands Strong and firm on these basic elements of life, and that are: 1) Knowledge: to know everything that is anything in this world, or beyond this world in the Supernatural World, or Universe, […]

Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 2

The “Belief page” on the Universal Zulu Nation’s website has the full list of their philosophical system. One of their main emphasis is on the notion of “Factology.” They prefer fact over belief. By belief, the Nation names any, and all dogmas. Any myth or pedagogy taught as per religion or society’s convention of human […]

Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 1

This blog continues with the various agencies of cultural philosophies that collectively represent the creed of Hip Hop. Here we embrace Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation. Let’s have a quick recap, shall we? We’ve covered Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and ascertained that they are significant faiths in the Kulture. These monotheistic beliefs consist of the basic […]