Matthew “Delee” John

Delee started out on his musical journey in Grenada at the age of ten as a mouth organ player in a scratch band with a box bass, a scratcher, and a milk pan player. From this rudimentary beginning, he moved on to Harmony Brass as a drummer/vocalist. By 1979 he had co-written the 1979 Grenada […]

Canadian Smokers

The sunglasses wearing Virginia Slim damsel who blows her smoke ever so sexy,…” In most places where I’ve been people start smoking because it’s sort of the cool thing to do. Once they start, they get hooked and carry on “being cool”. They lean on walls, walk with a strut, dance, and flick and puff […]

A Lesson on Love

All my life I was taught to love. I was taught to be good to none threatening people at the least and to respect God even if I don’t worship or believe in Him. Love is the core essence of my creed. Due to this, my belief is, hate never wins. I go even further […]