M. G. T. O. W.

Every year, more men are vowing never to even date a woman again.” Years ago, I remember being uncomfortable when a man step over a young mother who was struggling to carry her baby in a stroller onto the streetcar. It disturbed me that the man stepped over the mother and her baby. It took […]

NBA 2K16 is Trash

To describe NBA 2K16 I’d say it’s like the hot ex-girlfriend who felt like she’d spent the last 5 years, raw dogging it with King Kong. And just in case y’all wanna call me out, I’m not slut shaming. 2K16 is a stud with erectile dysfunction. In essence, the girl is gorgeous, she has notoriety, […]

A Tribute to Richard Taylor

…along with my prayer wary parents and Richard’s entire family, I also met my grandparents and uncles Karim and Tairu who had also been deeply.” In my pedagogy, I was taught that grief comes with [1] shock/denial, [2] anger, [3] bargaining, [4] depression and [5] acceptance. Such is the shattering emotional pain that has come […]