Beyonce’s Formation

Beyoncé is here with a powerful message. Get information to get the information. Her message is simple, “stop shooting us.” If the law enforcement community has issues with this message, it should be seen as a sign that they want to continue killing black people. If so, then they’re evil and racist. Saying this does […]

The Best of Kanya West

West has attracted an exceeding amount of attention on social media in recent months. For a guy who once idolized Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel, and Freeway, it’s more than just a miracle at this point, when he has become an icon who is only surpassed by Jay Z. Ye appears to have everything a starving […]

Black History Month / Bai Bureh

When the British settled in Freetown, it was a piece of land sold to them by the natives of Romarong. However, after the repatriation of some freed slaves, the British appointed a “crown colony” and soon began to sign treaties and policies that they can assume authority over areas of influence in the hinterlands. The […]