European Culture Shock

I was about to grab a couple of beers, look around and make friends. A pool pallor seemed sic, so I decided to go in and start a conversation with a local. I’d order another round, get a feel for the spot and observe the vibe. American and European women packed the place full. Being […]

President Mugabe on Western Imperialism

A few years ago, I wrote an article about “African Warlords,” to clarify the meaning from a none Westernized outlook. For example, T. Lentz’s “New History of the First Empire – The collapse of the Napoleonic system.” It describes Napoleon Bonaparte, not as a war criminal or a warlord but a veteran, “general in the […]

All Lives Includes Black Lives

Misconstruing the protest against murderous policemen is easy. As if the protesters do not feel indebted to the courage of the police. That misconception is too deceptive. Of course, we all want the police to feel safe as they solve a crime. It should be needless to reiterate how we value the honesty of good […]


Sodom & Gomorrah

Many people make one big mistake. They believe  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. False! Yes, it’s true, the Scripture clearly and unapologetically portrays homosexuality as an “abomination.” However, according to the same scripture, fornication and adultery are just as abominable as homosexuality. Murder, lying, stealing or idol worshiping are all repugnances. There were […]

Equal Pay

I’ve never met a woman who a company pays less when she does the exact same work as her coworkers. Does equal pay mean male models and porn stars will get the same pay as female models and porn stars? Will it mean no more alimony payment for men or her “taking him for all […]

The Eagle, The Cobra, & The Lion

If you’re an eagle, you must fight at all cost to prevent anyone from plucking out your feathers. This is because you need them to fly. You can have wings, but if you don’t have feathers, you can fly. One reason why I decided to do my own thing and not work for just anybody. Once […]

The Eye of Providence

Since the rise of the Internet and social media, many false prophets have proliferated their teachings. Like the rainbow now represents homosexuality. Or the Eye of Providence now represents the Illuminati. Nothing against homosexuality and the Illuminati, but the truth is, they borrowed their symbolism from the Bible. The triangle is another symbolic figure that […]