Colin Kaepernick

Since Mohamed Ali, it hasn’t been common for mainstream athletes to take a controversial stand for civil rights. Collin Kaepernick’s movement is whether or not to stand up during the national anthem of the United States. When it comes to that one must speak carefully. Racism and all, the United States has offered a blissful transformation […]

Grenada (The Introduction)

I have a lot to learn about the origin of this great civilization. Therefore I may not be the most prudent narrator of the account of an island in the Caribbean.  I will approach this as a student of this culture. I am someone who marvels at the customs of the Aboriginal peoples. That has […]

Emancipation & Repatriation

For the most part, the United States, Great Britain, and France enslaved West Africans. Religious groups and abolitionists launched demonstrations charging that slavery is a crime against humanity. That tumultuous moment in history ended after the global effort for some Blacks to return to Africa. Despite that, many Whites still supported slavery. Many who benefited […]

hip hop emcee

The Emcee

Being an emcee, I’ve found it most difficult to compile a short list of my top emcees. This is because it’s almost impossible to make a genuine, unbiased list without leaving out a veteran. The emcee is a wordsmith. He or she is basically a lyrical genius, a poet who spits a rhymed message. Unlike […]