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The Black Man

Racists do not realize how ignorant they are. They victimize others by keeping annals against the victim’s situation. Racists have no remorse for the horrendous crimes their race has committed against the Aborigines, Africans, Arabs, Asians or the Indian people. And they cling to the idea that those whom they berate are deserving of it. […]

The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 3

Vol. 3 continues from volume 2. It also comes from my blog, and the dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate the time when I published the original article. I also feel the need to reiterate that, although my writing consists of factual information, I based the overall data in my point of view. […]

The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 2

The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 2 is a continuation of Volume 1. Taken from my blog, dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate when they were initially published. Though factual, these entries are not intended to have journalistic value. Even though there are interviews with Eddie Bullen and his son, Quincy Bullen |whom I’d worked […]

Racism is Cancer of the Soul

Racism is a form of mind cancer that we must treat aggressively. In 2017, no one should tolerate any racism anywhere on this planet. Of course, there are laws, governmental, ethical and corporate policies that condemn racial discrimination on paper, but in most developed countries racism is a street problem. It is a problem of […]

White Men Treat Women Better

In my opinion, white men get better women than black men do. When I was in Canada for example, I knew of a particular circle of white guys who won’t date a white girl who’s been seeing a black guy. These white guys get better jobs or own businesses where they can afford a lovely […]