It Was Written

I want to preserve the intellectual property in the literary works I’ve written. That is why I add the lyrics of my songs inside the books I’ve written (shout out to Ken Cowle). The reason is that I have expressed my point of view in various ways. I’ve told many interesting stories. Now the goal is […]

Het Nieuwsblad

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the new wave of video game players right now. The untold truth is, most gamers are thirsty for a new shooter game. We were sold immediately when it was announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands is an “open world” game. What the developers did not tell us is that there are too […]


Dave Chappelle Accused of Homophobia

As an artist, concerning the accusation that Dave Chappelle is homophobic,  I believe whether good or bad, no religion, gender, sexuality or nationality, etc., should be safe from art criticism. However, I do want to point out how these other communities have more effective ways to cry down what they consider as, oppressors, critics or […]

The Snobette


I usually stay away from girl fights. This is because, after quarreling, women often reconcile. Women turn against guys who choose sides in their quarrel. Not to mention other females who also react negatively when they see a man involved in a girl fight. With SheTHER, Remy Ma destroyed Nicki Minaj, but she may have also […]