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    Top 20 Rhyme Spitters that Banged in my Headphones and Speakers throughout the 2010s Pt. 2

    This decade is also when many Hip Hop O. Gz frantically pulled their hair. We even saw our first openly gay rapper. The homosexual vibe was very influential. Grown men who are not homophobic slipped into skinny jeans and blouses. Some new rappers welcomed cross-dressing as a natural trend. If you were not hiding under a rock in the past ten years, you recognized the birth of Mumble Rap.

    Is Lizzo Remarkably Confident and Self Assured in Her Skin or Is Her Sensitivity a Desperate Call for Change

    Some one told me and I quote, “attention is the new currency.” We are living in a time very confusing time. North Americans have steered their society in a direction that has the world like… huh? What do I mean by that? Okay, how many times do you see an underemployed man, has terrible credit, borderline homeless, and dead broke, but he’s well dressed and portrays himself to be rich?

    An Afropolitical Summary of the Evolution of Sierra Leone’s Musicology from 1807 to 2019

    Let’s surmise the evolution of the musicology of Sierra Leone, by outlining the preeminent cradle of the people. What are the various cultural influences in the melting pot of this West African nation? When it comes to the land, we know that there is always a mountainous peninsula. There is also a vast savannah landscape in the framework. The name Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountain” in Portuguese. Some veterans have said that the old people referred to it as “Romarong.”