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How to Promote Your Favorite Author

I am someone who advocates against racism and discrimination. I’ve also written to condemn police brutality or systemic racism in the West. With feminism, I directly addressed its nature in Canada. Nevertheless, I’ve never written against Canadian law enforcement. It is just as I’ve done with same-sex behaviors, You will […]

In Support of Law Enforcement

I have written extensively about feminism where I’ve made several points. 1. The feminist movement became radicalized after its third wave. And such radicalization has affected the romantic relationships between men and women. It has also threatened to destroy the fabric of traditional cultures. 2. I’ve stated that the movement […]

In Support of Women’s Rights & Liberties

What part of the hood did Terry Crews come from? In my hood, strong, muscular men don’t come out crying about someone who grabbed them by the penis. He’s supposed to be the bully, not the bullied. We beat that predator’s face in. He will never prey on another victim […]

Terry Crews vs. Hollywood Molestor