Daily Archives: May 9, 2020

What is snitching? It is an act of betrayal of those with whom one has sworn to be involved in mutually beneficial associations. In short, it is to report someone for something. Examples of where snitching raises concerns include the police force, the legal system, the prison system, organized crime syndicates, secret societies, gangs, or any institution where absolute loyalty is required as a code of conduct.

Random Thoughts off the Dome of an Intellectual Thug 2

2020 has been a year of hidden rejuvenation. On the work front, I've launched a second company. These first five months, after two months of lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak, it's even more fascinating than I'd already published a book this year. It is my 10th publication, a milestone for which I'm very proud. I've also been in the studio recording new music. The most rewarding part of this year has been my focus on my health.

Random Thoughts off the Dome of an Intellectual Thug