5 Reasons Why I’m Riding With Drake Thus Far

To be honest, I was going to ignore this so-called beef between Drake and Pusha T because I see it as a distraction. A distraction from what you might ask? And my answer to that is a) the scheme where they used Roseanne to dis someone black knowing that the majority of nearsighted sheep will applaud for NBC to canceling her show. They were going to cancel the show anyway. Though first, they needed the public to tie their noose and hang themselves in the court of public opinion. The end goal will solidify them as corporate slaves. I knoooow, some of you are like huh?

You’re going to act like it sounds stupid now and then ten years later when the torpedo has already hit your ship, then you’d pretend you already knew. Either way, it will be too late. And speaking of a projectile hit brings me to my next point. b) Donald Trump is about to do a deal in Singapore with North Korea. As many of the sheep out there have already forgotten, the United States had always stood by the policy of “never negotiating with terrorists or dictators.” Ohhhhhh yeah, the sheep remember! Ohhhhhh they already knew this! I’m not telling them anything new.


So which one is it, they already knew, or they needed someone to bring it up? Cause they hadn’t said anything about this? Only you weren’t saying shit about that till now though. Hey, maybe they needed someone to bring it up first? Anyway, Trump is about to negotiate with a dictator and take credit as if Sadam or Ghadaffi had refused to a sitdown. Nah, Nah, it was Bush who didn’t want a sit-down. Obama would have sat down with both Libya and Iran only the Republicans condemned him for even suggesting that. Why? Because “America does not negotiate with terrorists or dictators.”

And my answer to that is a) the scheme where they used Roseanne to dis someone black knowing that the majority of nearsighted sheep will applaud for NBC to canceling her show.

But now Trump is about to sit down with a “dictator” and then credit himself as the only president who solved the issues with North Korea. When the reality is all those heads of states could have sat down with the United States to ratify the problems, but it was the United States that refused to negotiate with them. Until now. Consequently, in my opinion, they’re killing two (solidifying corporate slavery and consulting with a dictator) birds with one stone, but they also know that the people who do not suffer from memory loss would see the wolf under that sheep’s garment.


So they threw in this little distraction. Remember, the sheep are all in love with Hip Hop now. Like thirty years later when all the dopest emcees have either died or fallen back. All of a sudden, right before Trumps June 12th meeting in Singapore, the Drake vs. Pusha T beef is on again. Hence I was going to ignore it. Everyone is so excited about it. I will drop another two cents with five reasons why I’m running with Drake thus far.

5. The real Hiphoppa is going to ask about the bars – “Tired of sitting quiet and helping my enemies eat..” I can relate to that like right now! “Y’all are the spitting image of whatever jealousy breeds.” Like when you’re doing well, and you see the people who should be enjoying with you, trying to compete with you? That’s like when you and they know that they are not even close to your level, but you take the high road and let them be. “Your demise will be televised?” Now that’s 2018 right there. “Who gassed you to play with me/Man, you made this shit as easy as ABC/Whoever is supposedly making me hits, but ain’t got no hits sounds like they need me?” Those are not only quotable they are relatable.


Can Pusha T drop quotable bars? Yes! Pusha’s pen is excellent. His disses against Baby and Wayne were all potent. “Inferred’ is a strong diss. It’s well thought out and put together. However, that is album material, whereas Drake’s “Duppy’ is a freestyle. History has shown us that when Drake is cooking an album that’s not the best time to battle him. Pusha T is a talented rapper, but come on, the guy’s name is Pusher. He has based his entire moniker on selling packs. He’s not better than Big Sean or 2 Chains who are also on Good Music. Pusha is not better than Kanye, so really and truly this diss could also be a way to sell his new EP. Yeah, you heard right, Daytona is not an album, it’s an EP.

Foresight is what enables an emcee to write dope bars. So now, “Duppy” is mad original, the beat is inspiring. Drake’s flow is flawless in there as well. Now, let’s not forget that I’ve put Kanye on pause because of the statement he made about “400 years of black slavery being a choice.” The whole reason why I liked Kanye was that he was politically and socially conscious. Now that he’s on his new Kanye thing, I’m sitting his new album out until he apologizes or at least makes a turnaround. With Pusha T coming out to diss Drake by exposing a son or mocking an ill person, now Pusha has also made my bootleg list. Will Drake hit him with a “Back to Back” diss track? Time will tell, but either way, to me he’s already winning this thing.*


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