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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    Our dialogue proceeded as I made my best effort to reassure every black person reading the post. It doesn’t matter if you are Afro-European, Afro-Asian, African American, Caribbean or wherever your parents had you. If you return to Africa, your people will receive you warmly, and reintegrate you into African society. Some may worry about what if they choose the wrong tribe. Or they may fear that their African people will not welcome them as they are. That is not true. As long as you are a black person and you arrive with a genuine intention to regain your heritage, the people will embrace you. Your responsibility is to learn your history from an African perspective. 

    DJ Mike Stoan:Why don’t you agree with the 2nd part if that’s what in fact happened?”

    Freddy Will:Because in the second part it’s not the slavers fault anymore. At that point now it’s up to black people to respect Africa and return with a willingness to learn.”

    DJ Mike Stoan: “You do realize what happened right after slavery right? Ppl were and were continued to be brainwashed about their identity. The propaganda machine didn’t stop after slavery was done. You can’t respect a place you know nothing about and already have a terrible perception of. Why at no point did African nations actually claim their lost people? Most ppl in ex-slave colonies were considered citizens on the country that controlled them. It goes deeper than ending, and everything was back to normal. That what the 2nd part is all about.”

    The world was here for millions of years before each of us was born. And it will be here for millions more after we expire.
    That being the case, even if you live for one hundred years, you will not be here long enough.

    Freddy Will: “In Africa, we don’t have nations. We have kingdoms and chiefdoms. The international boundaries were put in place by the colonizers who did not know what they were doing. For example, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Ivory Coast are all one kingdom with several chieftaincies within. Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Togo are one place. Same with Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea or from Kenya right down to Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, and Namibia – that entire region is South Africa. The Africa you know is not the Africa that is. In fact, we don’t even call it Africa.

    The name, Africa, comes from the Roman general, who was commissioned to pillage the continent after the fall of Egypt. His name is Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus. The Europeans did not know anything about us, so the named the continent after that general who we slaughtered when he arrived. The most dangerous and inaccessible place where many Europeans lost their lives was the Niger river. That was such a hotbed. Being ignorant and half baked, they figured every black man was a savage from Niger. That’s where the word nigger comes from.

    Nigger just means a savage person from Niger or Nigeria. Savage because we killed the white man onsight. So there was never going to be a country coming for the blacks who were taken. In African tradition what we do is a ritual for the ancestors to guide them back home. This may take many generations. Your quest to become an African is not for you anymore, it’s for your descendants. The best way to understand is to come home, my brother.”

    DJ Mike Stoan:Kingdom nations w/e all I’m saying is that the request to reclaim their ppl didn’t actually happen. So why don’t “Africans” reinstate what it used to be? Maybe this is why things are working as backward. How long can anyone wait on the ancestors to correct ish?”

    Freddy Will: There is nothing to reinstate. It already is. The white man has a powerful military and an extensive propaganda system. We don’t have time for that. When you learn our language, you will see that we do not use the white man’s words to describe our land, tribe, people or anything. There were many requests made over the centuries for Europeans to stop pillaging Africa. We called for our people, but the Europeans refused to send them back. Remember, they came to Africa, lumped kingdoms into countries and colonized the entire thing. The had guns, mortars, and explosives.

    The Europeans were no match for our warriors in hand to hand combat. They defeated us when they turn to weapons of mass destruction. As a conquered people we allowed the colonizers to name what they want. We developed a second identity to correspond with the changes that they brought. So, I will tell the white man my name is James instead of Olamesseh. He believes we live in Sierra Leone, but I know we live in Romarong. We stopped trying to state who we are and just continued being who we are. Call me Peter and I will answer, but when I go home, my people call me Yao. Feel me?”

    Kingdom nations w/e all I’m saying is that the request to reclaim their ppl didn’t actually happen. So why don’t “Africans” reinstate what it used to be? Maybe this is why things are working as backward.”

    DJ Mike Stoan: “What language? Last time I checked all Africans don’t have the same language. I know ppl don’t use those terms to describe themselves. So how does that help those that are lost? Everything you do still revolve around European rule?”

    Freddy Will: “No, Mike, things are not working as backward. The current mentality gives the impression as if we are not mortal. We as humans have an expiration date. The world was here for millions of years before each of us was born. And it will be here for millions more after we expire. That being the case, even if you live for one hundred years, you will not be here long enough. Most of your dealings will be done in spirit. The spirit world is your more permanent abode. Before you came to earth, your ancestors paved the way when they were here. Now they are gone, and you are here. You open the way for your descendants. When you are gone, you become an ancestor. Once the tribal people open your spiritual eye you will see everything bro.”

    DJ Mike Stoan: Therefore not much will change. The spirit world doesn’t seem to be doing much to repair anything.”

    Freddy Will: “Ask any African speaking any African language to tell you the name of their country or Africa in that language. They would tell you. Every word has a name for the land, and that name dates back centuries before the Romans destroyed Egypt. For those who are lost, they must choose a tribe following their intuition (or spirit) and then learn the language of that tribe. There is a gradual change. The fight goes on, when we become ancestors, we will join the battle on that side as well. Remember, that it is not about us individually but our descendants as a whole.”

    DJ Mike Stoan: I know lol. Out of how many tribes how can one assume which one they belong to? What if they make an error?”

    Freddy Will: You won’t make an error. Most tribes are interrelated meaning they were fathered by brothers who came from the same stem. Follow your spirit. Your ancestors will guide you. There will be signs; you will notice similarities in your current behavior pattern and nature that is similar to your tribespeople. You will get answers to personal questions. The people might be even waiting for you. If I’m not mistaken, you are a Jamaican. If that’s true, then your ancestors came from Nigeria. You should look into Gabon, Cameroon, Niger, Congo or Sudan as well. Fifth-grade Social Studies [in Jamaica] already point you to Nigeria. If you start studying about the different peoples of Nigeria, you will see one that does everything like you. It will surprise you.”

    DJ Mike Soan:Not necessarily Nigerian. Ghanaian as well.”

    Freddy Will:When you do the research you will find out the main area to start from. There was an ancient migration of tribes that went from Sudan all the way to Mali. Many West African tribes are connected in one way or another. So far you know you are from West Africa.”

    DJ Mike Stoan:That’s not good enough to know lol. Some ppl can reconnect directly because they actually know. Many can’t.”

    Honey B Fly: My background is Jamaican but my sister did an ancestry DNA test and we found out that we are mainly from Ivory Coast, Benin Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, China and some European, so that is one way you can find out your ancestry.”

    DJ Mike Stoan:But the exact tribe will be hard to find.”

    Freddy Will:Belonging to a tribe is not always that straightforward. Many people are mixed. In Africa, one can be considered a native without being Aboriginal. Being mixed means, you have the blood of several tribes in you. Africa is big on intermarriage and adoption. Once you marry or adopt, the person assumes your tribe as their own. Going by that your ancestors could have lost their original tribe long before they were sold into slavery. In Sierra Leone, for example, we have sixteen tribes in total. Mende and Temne are the two largest ones. Being the largest tribe means they have a Paramount Chief and ample space of land. Smaller tribes have a Chief and no land so they latch on as loyal allies of the larger tribe.

    My people, the Loko People or tribe hails from the North of Sierra Leone. However, the largest tribe in the North are the Temne. Even though the Loko is a branch of the Mende tribe because they inhabit the North they are mostly associated with the Temne. Many Sierra Leoneans upon our first encounter, place me as a Temne. But I’m of the Loko/Mandingo tribes. My ancestors may have come from Nigeria because my last name, Kanu is of a Nigerian origin. Yet, there are several tribes in Sierra Leone that carry that last name. None of those tribes exist in Nigeria. That’s my Loko side. On my Mandingo side, those ancestors may have come from Guinea, Senegal or Mali. See what I mean?

    The tribes are not fixed. Each person from each tribe could trace their lineage to another region since the ancient ancestors inter-migrated and intermarried all over the place. As a black man, you have the right to join any tribe in Africa. Based on the tribe you join and the tribe of the woman you marry, that will determine the lineage of your descendants.”*


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