African Leaders Must Stand Up for The Africans Who Live Abroad

African leaders and diplomats can no longer remain silent on issues concerning racism and cultural disrespect towards Africans in the global diaspora. Last year, some Al Jazeera journalists, posing as tourists, smuggled themselves into the Caribbean islands and ambushed some of the top government officials to entrap them over the citizenship/investment scheme. Can a Caribbean journalist pose as a tourist in Kuwait, for example, and then use that disguise to accuse Kuwaiti officials of fraud? Will any Arab country allow that to happen? So why should we allow it to occur on our end? That same Al Jazeera network has been unable to do the same concerning the enslavement of Africans in the Middle East, which is allegedly happening in their backyard.

Is Africa only “a cemetery for Africans?”

I’ve observed that the term immigrant often has an adversarial connotation when used about Africans. There appears to be a distinction between western foreigners and African foreigners. Usually, I’ve noticed that when the settler is caucasian, they refer to him or her as an ex-pat, but when the alien is an African, they do not refer to him or her as an ex-pat. In many cases, the citizens of other countries appear to treat every African as if he or she is illegal until proven otherwise. A Chinese peasant moves to Africa, and we allow that person to settle in, start a business where they only hire other Chinese people, and we patronize the person’s business. Yet, when an African peasant moves to China, he or she cannot do the same thing in their country.

African ex-pats have to find a low paying labor job while putting up with racism and disrespect in foreign countries. That is true for every country outside of the continent. We host their peasants as if they were kings where they came from, but they treat our peasants worst than homeless animals? What kind of relationship is that? Our leaders at the African Union should speak up and take action. Is Africa only “a cemetery for Africans?” Or maybe this is the generation that will finally wake up? Will black people believe in each other and, ultimately, unite? Can we work towards one cause with one mind and one determination?*

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