An Ungodly Egypt of African Slave Masters

Literature is a delicate art where the author cosmeticizes his or her portrait with words. Depending on their description, their audience may become absorbed with lust or disdain. That can be not only for the subject but for the writer. In my case, I’ve said on a repeated basis that I am not a journalist. At least, not just yet. My blog is an intellectual playground where I spar with various ideas. I hope to bring specific discussions to light. When I researched ancient Egyptians, my impression was that they were black people.

Further deduction then followed that we are speaking of an ancient polytheistic civilization in Africa. That made it plausible to me that those inhabitants were black people. When you read books like the Torah, Koran and the Bible (among other historical texts) you will discover a lot about the Jewish people. They suffered for four hundred years at the cruel and inhumane treatment of ancient Egyptians. Those Egyptians appear to be wealthy and influential Africans. They enslaved the Jews after they sought refuge in Egypt. 

I’ve said on a repeated basis that I am not a journalist. My blog is an intellectual playground where I spar with various ideas with the hope of bringing specific discussions to light.”

Before the Israelites escaped the famine that swept through the Middle East, as the narrative goes, Israel began as a small patriarchal family. Jacob, one of their founding patriarchs, was a polygamist who had twelve sons by four wives. Due to infighting among the siblings, older brothers, Ruben, Dan, Judah, and Simeon conspired to have their youngest brother, Joseph, killed. That was because he was their father’s favorite son from his most beloved wife – Rachael. However, at the last moment in the plot to kill Joseph, Judah convinced his brothers to spare his life. Instead, they sold him into slavery. Joseph was Jewish. His brothers sold him to some Arab merchants.

Those Arab traders, in turn, traded in Egypt where there was a wealthy and powerful civilization of black people. They sold Joseph as a slave to a rich black man. Fatefully for Joseph, he was a seer. He was a very accurate fortune teller. His gift turned out to be very valuable for him. In Egypt, the people were highly superstitious and practiced witchcraft. In this culture, he rose from slave to royalty. He foretold one fortune after another until the ruling pharaoh appointed him to the second highest position in the land. Joseph naturalized as an Egyptian and married the pharaoh’s daughter, who was a black woman. They had two children, Ephraim and Menessah.

In this witchy culture, Joseph rose from slave to royalty as he foretold one fortune after another until the ruling pharaoh appointed him to the second highest position in the land.”

Joseph foretold the coming of a famine that allowed the Egyptians to stock up. Having stored a massive amount of food, Egypt became the place to go to buy. They welcomed an influx of people seeking to purchase their goods. These included Joseph’s brothers who sold him over forty years before that time. The famine caused Joseph to reunite with his family. He was assumed to be dead. Now he had become the second highest ruler of Egypt. His father accepted his black wife and mixed children. The entire Jacob family moved to Egypt. Joseph gave them land and money to start a new life. Jacob’s twelve sons went on to become patriarchs of their own families. Each family became a tribe of its own.

These are the thirteen tribes of Israel. People often referred to them as the twelve tribes of Israel. The reason being is that Jacob divided the tribe of Joseph into two. Together the tribe of Ephraim and the tribe of Manessah are both the tribe of Joseph. However, if you count them numerically, you will find thirteen tribes in total. Anywho, a few generations later the Jewish people doubled in numbers. They practiced polygamy. The Egyptians were black people, and the Jews were not. Fears became real that one day the Jews who were now citizens in Egypt would outnumber the Egyptians. They could overthrow the pharaoh dynasty. So the Egyptians decided to strip them of their citizenship.

They killed some of them and then enslave the rest. The historical accounts go that for the next four hundred years the Jews suffered in Egypt. It was not until Moses came that using superior witchcraft he defeated the pharaoh and set his people free. Till this day the Jews have never forgotten what they suffered to them in Egypt. Every year they celebrate the Passover. During that period they eat the same food their ancestors ate as slaves in Egypt. This wound bleeds very deeply for the Jewish people. Various civilizations like the Romans and the Babylonians also persecuted the Jews. Mainly it was because of their monotheistic belief. But none has been as bad as what they endured in Egypt.

It is so bad that all but very little of ancient Egypt was not wipe out of history. Today, the tables are turned. It is blacks or Africans who suffer from racism and discrimination. Many depictions of ancient Egyptians have now been replaced with a Caucasian image as Africans go on to be ruled for just about the same amount of time as the Jews in Egypt… or maybe even longer.*

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