There is a 2014 article entitled, “Women are ‘more controlling and aggressive than men’ in relationships,” written by Theo Merz for The Telegraph. In this article, the author hypothesized that “Men are often thought to be the more aggressive partner, but a new study suggests this is not the case.” That is probably due to the common notion that men abuse women in general. We often have cases in western countries when advanced cities have hundreds of shelters for abused women but none for men.

In other cases, the media and public opinion may lean toward the idea that men are more aggressive than women. According to Theo Merz, there was a study where “women showed controlling behavior along with serious levels of threats, intimidation and physical violence when in a relationship more often than men.” Get this, the researchers surveyed 1000 young men and women for their experience with intimate partner violence. The results were contrary to popular belief. According to the article, the researchers found that women were far more controlling, aggressive and manipulative than men. 

In my opinion, it is not that women are more controlling than men, or the other way around. I believe the human nature is the same in both genders. That is one of the reasons why I do not support the male bashing aspects of radical feminism. My reasoning is, if those radical feminists were in the same position as those ancient men who they hate, they would do the same things those men did. And that’s because people tend to behave the same. 

I’ve known feminists who have condemned particular traits in men, and then turned around and did the same or worse. The issue is not if one were the patriarch or matriarch, but instead, it is their psychological variety. Who they are as a person, dictates what they do. Therefore when someone is controlling, it does not matter if they are male or female.*

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