Take the Bill Cosby rape allegations for example. The media takes side with the women and report the unproven allegations as if they have evidence of the truth. Like anyone can walk up to a girl and give her a pill to take. Ladies, if anyone gave you medicine, would you take it and swallow it? The media’s plausible justification is that these women are victims. Yes, the law must “protect” all victims but should do so without evidence? These are the same stable, independent women who are so independent, they do not need a man. Get my drift?

In New York the police are stopping and frisking black men for no reason. They have hired a surge of new officers. Who is paying for that?”

I’m not saying celebrities should get away with rape, domestic or child abuse but when there is no evidence to an accusation, should it be legal for the media to spread the scandal as if it were an authentic FACT? It should be illegal! What if the women are lying? I’m not saying they are but what if this was a conspiracy against Bill Cosby? How would we know if all over the news, even with no evidence, save for flimsy allegations made twenty to forty years after the fact, the media continues to “report” this story with no neutrality?

Shouldn’t the media be responsible enough to state the accusations with the same grain of salt they use when covering up for murderers in the police department? In New York, the police are stopping and frisking black men for no reason while hiring a surge of new officers. Who is paying for that? How come that is not an issue in the news right now? Shouldn’t the media state the possibility that the accusations could be lies?

They don’t know for a fact if he raped those women or not. If you notice, the media has already exonerated the accusers while demonizing Cosby and subtly suggesting that his wife leaves his side. They are not only spreading an unproven scandal against the man’s legacy they are implying that his marriage is destroyed in the process. How is this media credible? I’m sorry, but I can’t see it. The crazy part is, in their illusion, they also believe that the public is so stupid, we will just think whatever they “report”! Maybe it’s they who are ignorant. *


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