Bill O’reilly Is Dick Shamed and Stigmatized In a Calamitous Downfall


I’m not a fan of Bill O’Reilly. I was not a fan of Donald Sterling either. However, I am still a fan of Bill Cosby. I will not throw any of these men under the bus until I see clear evidence of their guilt. To me, it is not about black or white, female, male, rich or poor. I am careful how I throw people under the bus because sometimes, there is a greater picture.

I speak as a heterosexual male who has no obligation to any dogma that dictates my sex life. I think if I am single and do not commit incest, pedophilia, bestiality or other extremely deviant sexual acts then I should be free to pursue any woman I want for any reason without any guilt. Provided that woman is of age and single, of course. And she has given me her consent. Some guys go after women who are in a relationship. I don’t do so knowingly.


Using a Women to Harass Men to Buy Products

However, in almost every television commercial, Internet website, movie, television show, magazine, billboards, etc., they sexually objectify women. And they do so to target and exploit straight men. Establishments use women’s nudity to sell everything to us. Female nudity is used to capture our attention. Companies hypnotize their male customers with the tits, hips and the pretty faces of women. Yet, society shames men for wanting sex. Many men pretend or lie, use tricks and so forth, to get the sex they’ve been taught is to pursue.

Society teaches men to chase women and then it teaches women to run away from men’s advances. Companies advertise their products using the beauty of women, knowing it is the weakness of their male customers. Society penalizes men who flirt or sleep with random women. Yet, these same companies do not target women in the same way. It does not teach them to pursue men. Companies do not tempt women with sex. Society does not teach little girls to consider themselves lucky when they receive a boy’s number. Or if he agrees to go on a date or have sex with them. Boys are.

The Telegraph

Sexual Harassment Works Differently for Men

What I am saying is if we are really going to talk about sexual harassment, we must also to address the deliberate temptations that our society expose to men. We should consider those solicitations as sexual harassment as well. Do not tempt the man if you do not want to have sex with him. Let him be without sexy outfits, hair, make-up or other body and beauty enhancements, sexual gestures that capture his attention. Once you’ve done it, now you can’t blame him.

This means, no sexy ads, nude models, pornography, semi-naked women in commercials, placing giant billboards of half-naked women in public places, etc. Furthermore, do not teach young boys to chase/please a woman. If we continue to do these things, then we are partly responsible for the thirst some men have for what we conditioned to love.*

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