Breaking Down My Song “Animal” in a Quick Summary

In 2006, I wrote and recorded the song “Animal.” In this song, I said… “You made me an animal.” Of course, when it hit the radio, my critics pretended as if they didn’t get what I was putting across to the listeners. They quickly dismissed it as another “gangster rap” that glorifies my life of crime and violence. But that was not the case. In this song, I’m talking about being an animal from an artist’s standpoint. I was speaking out to address economic disenfranchisement, racism, prejudice, police brutality and justified bigotry in the judicial system. I’m an animal, the artist (myself) is saying I don’t care about living up to the expectations of others. Because it’s a racist and bigoted world. Because I’m a voice for the voiceless.

It was time for me to put a mark on the times so future generations will become aware of the circumstances we lived through. Being racially marginalized in this time period. I’m that artist who said, ‘wait a minute, I wouldn’t have considered myself a great public speaker. But these injustices continue to happen, and there are not enough people who condemn them. Only a few people are explaining this situation from our perspective.’ Just like Meek Mill probably sat in jail and realized that he has to do this. Even if he has no interest in it. If his career is on the line, even if he does not have the experience he has to at least try. He must use his voice to condemn the injustice, hypocrisy, bigotry and other double standards in the world. He became an animal.*

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