Bringing Up Misandry and the Often Ignored Topic of Men’s Rights

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There are hundreds of exclusive shelters for women and children, but no exclusive shelters for men! Breast cancer gets more funding than prostate cancer. Masculinity is portrayed as a negative while feminism is a political movement.

We have buildings because men decided to build them. There are cars, planes, ships, submarines, spacecrafts etc because men decided it’s best to travel faster.¬†We have electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, television, furniture because men created them. Because of men, we enjoy art, science, philosophy, the computer, the internet, the cell phone, social media, music, movies, theater, etc because men invented them. There is a military, police, government, courts, hospitals, stadiums, parks, because men created them. In time of war men sacrifice themselves by the hundreds.

Men invented and created the stove, pot, kitchen utensil, washing machine, dryer, electric iron, make up, implants, wedding rings, wedding dress, wig, fake nails, jewelry, etc. Men invented and created everything you use and need from the moment you wake up in the morning, from brushing your teeth and taking a shower to getting dressed and going to work.

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Let’s talk misandry. Whenever you rate a man by his ability or inability to provide, protect, lead or succeed, that is misandry. When you assume that if a man is nice to you (a female), automatically he’s a sexual predator who has targeted you for rape, that is misandry. Whenever you tell a boy not to “cry like a little girl,” that is misandry. It is the hatred or contempt of men.

Boys are falling behind in school partly because of misandry. As the majority of kindergarten and school teachers are women, many often neglect the concerns of boys. Yet, because of their gender the society expect boys to be strong and deal with their issues. Boys who fail to do so society emotionally and physically ostracize from respect, value and reward. Girls already have many support programs available to them, are pampered and given every tool and opportunity they need to thrive.

90% of all divorced men end up being bankrupt. 80% of all homeless people are men, male models are paid significantly less than female models. Yet, there are no shelters, programs or facilities that are exclusively there for emotionally and psychologically broken or battered men.*

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