Cassie Jaye’s Journey From Rape Culture To The Red Pill


A stern feminist, Cassie Jaye, came off the success of two documentary films, set out on a path to expose rape culture in society. One of her previous films, “Daddy I do,” is about women’s rights. Hollywood received it with expensive dinner parties, global applaud and some respectable awards. The second film, “The Right To Love,” is about gay marriage before it became legal. The industry welcomed that film with tears, more expensive dinner parties and funding. While looking for a new topic to document, she became interested in rape culture.

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The “misogynists” and “rape apologists” that “triggered” all those vulnerable independent women. She decided to blow the lid wide open on them.”

As she researched it, she discovered a site called, “A Voice For Men. That led her the Men’s Right Movement. Cassie Jaye saw the Men’s Right Movement and the Voice For Men organization as the “patriarchy boogie-men” that she had been hearing about. She anticipated them to be misogynist. Often anticipating them to threaten her or objectify her sexually. Instead, all she saw was a staggering amount of discrimination and mistreatment of men. By the time she was editing the film, with all the facts, she was basically in tears of how badly this society has treated men.

She went to the feminists for answers, presenting facts to them. She asked how can feminism stand for equality and it’s biased to men? The feminists, her own kind, shafted her, blackballed her film and lobbied for it to be silenced. This is the film she made… please take a look and see what happens when people start listening and thinking rationally. She challenged women to ask if they are doing what they actually want to do or are they doing what they do because feminists have brainwashed them into it? She began to view feminism as an ideology that claims to stand for equality while teaching young women and children that masculine attributes are toxic.

Men and women are not equal, we are complimentary. When you go outside and look around, a woman gives birth to everyone you see. Likewise, when you look outside, every thing you see was that was created or built, was done by a man. This does not show equality, it shows a complimenting of one another. We as humans, succeed when we compliment each other.*

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