For me, the biggest game-changer in this round of social justice protests is the stance of the liberal media. They used to ignore the evidence and disregard our concerns. One functional similarity is feminism and the MeToo movement. The pain that is expressed through these movements is universal. All around the globe, every black man bears a deep pain from the effects of racism, discrimination, police brutality, white supremacy, and injustice within the judicial system. Our most challenging problem was the mainstream media.

Liberal Media’s Noticeable Shift of Tone in War Against Blacks

As an artist, concerning the accusation that Dave Chappelle is homophobic,  I believe whether good or bad, no religion, gender, sexuality or nationality, etc., should be safe from art criticism. However, I do want to point out how these other communities have more effective ways to cry down what they […]

Dave Chappelle Accused of Homophobia

In light of recent developments on October 18th, 2012 Freddy Will Industries was renamed – Brick City Music Crackhouse (B. C. M. C.). The change was made to accommodate our latest developments in addition to broadened spectrum for additional ventures best suited under this new moniker. As an Ontario resident, […]

Ontario Talent Conglomerate

As diverse as we are Michael Jackson’s music pulled us all together and made us one genre and one culture…” This is a new day in music history. Death is the beginning of ANOTHER life form even as it ends one. From artist to artist, fan to fan, Michael Jackson’s […]


The Yonkers Emcee who has sold at least platinum on every one of his album releases vowed to turn his life around after this experience.” On Wednesday (May 13th) legendary Yonkers, New York, emcee DMX completed his 90 days incarceration at Arizona’s prison. This facility is also known as the Maricopa County […]