There is a Black Community in almost every advanced country in the west. This community consists of three main quarters of people of African descent. The Caribbean Populace, the African Populace, and the African American Populace. In 2021, during this month of black history, I will shed light on the often disremembered African community. These are Afropolitans born or raised either in Africa or abroad. We studied in the US, Australia, Canada, or Europe and spend a significant amount of time going to and from Africa. On March 7, 2010, Afropolitan Style described an Afropolitan as: “African + cosmopolitan. A collaboration of the two words.” They referred to people claiming the African continent or patronage with a tremendous interest in Africa.

Black History Month 2021: Global Awareness of the Afropolitan

Pilgrim’s Progress is the world’s second-highest bestseller after the Bible, the best-selling book of all time. It is a narrative of self-sacrifice, perseverance, hope, and success. Many have used it as a blueprint for their ascertainment to ensue. If you are a Christian, I would say this book is a must-read. Fortunately, there are also films about the account. Here you will find a modern rendition of timeless fiction. Before that, allow me to show my respect for the author, John Bunyan.

The New Animation Movie of John Bunyan’s Time Tested “Pilgrim’s ...

Years ago, I wrote several blogs about how feminists have captured the word “woman.” By that, I meant that if we as a society were to respect free will, one could not speak for all women. I reason that every woman is an individual who can speak for herself. The […]

The Two Main Kinds of Feminism

I’ve I have met some sisters who carry the torch of blackness and the importance for people to hear them. What I haven’t heard is what these sisters are saying. That is why we should give Scottie Beam a platform so that she can acquaint the world about her beliefs. […]

Scottie Beam – We See You, Sis

Many feminists have tried to claim Aretha Franklin as a woman’s rights activist. She was not. The “Goddess of Soul” was a civil rights activist. Still, the first names that jump at us are Dr. Martin Luther King or Senator John Lewis. If not those names, we would not be surprised […]

Tribute to the Goddess of Soul

As I had pointed out back in 2009 (when I wrote the part one of this blog), there is a limitless collection of traditional dishes in West Africa. The tropical rainforested quarter is a cultural hotbed, where you will find at least 18 countries. Each one of these countries has […]

West African Cuisine Pt. 2