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Justice for the Homeless - blogger

There are hundreds of exclusive shelters for women and children, but no exclusive shelters for men! Breast cancer gets more funding than prostate cancer. Masculinity is portrayed as a negative while feminism is a political movement. We have buildings because men decided to build them. There are cars, planes, ships, submarines, spacecrafts etc because men […]

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Why are you not married? Ladies, the establishment has infected your brain with a feminist mentality. Wanna know why most men hate feminism? It’s not because of your financial independence or sexual “liberation”… we actually like those. Feminism makes you inconsistent, romantically. And it teaches you to avoid accountability. With those you become a pump and dump chick. For […]

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Atlanta Black Star

Marcus Garvey’s African Nationalism pt. 2 is an effort to ignite a worldwide awareness to return black to their African roots. All over the world, true Hiphoppas are setting aside the crimester image of the exploitative music industry. They deliver a conscious message. Afrocentrism, Garvey-ism, Pan African-ism, the Five Percenters, the Universal Zulu Nation and […]

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