Why You’re Unmarried Why are you unmarried? Ladies, the establishment has infected your brain with a feminist reasoning. Wanna know why most men hate feminism? It’s not because of your financial independence or sexual “liberation.” We actually like those. Feminism makes you inconsistent, romantically. Plus it teaches you to avoid accountability. With those, […]

Some Possible Reasons Why You Are Unmarried & May Never ...
Misconstruing the protest against murderous policemen is easy. As if the protesters do not feel indebted to the courage of the police. That misconception is too deceptive. Of course, we all want the police to feel safe as they solve a crime. It should be needless to reiterate how we […]

All Lives Includes Black Lives
If you’re an eagle, you must fight at all cost to prevent anyone from plucking out your feathers. This is because you need them to fly. You can have wings, but if you don’t have feathers, you can fly. One reason why I decided to do my own thing and not […]

The Eagle, The Cobra, & The Lion

Atlanta Black Star
Marcus Garvey’s African Nationalism pt. 2 is an effort to ignite a worldwide awareness to return Blacks to their African roots. All over the world, true Hiphoppas are setting aside the crimester image of the exploitative music industry. Many now deliver a conscious message of Afrocentrism, Garvey-ism, Pan African-ism, the […]

Marcus Garvey’s African Nationalism Pt. 2

In Marcus Garvey’s African Nationalism pt. 1 we will focus on the Arab Spring. It has spread like wildfire in the Northern African states of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Long-standing North African governments did not see it coming. However, the Arab Spring fell short of accomplishing the same agenda in […]

Marcus Garvey’s African Nationalism Pt. 1