White Men Treat Women Better

In my opinion, white men get better women than black men do. When I was in Canada for example, I knew of a particular circle of white guys who won’t date a white girl who’s been seeing a black guy. These white guys get better jobs or own businesses where they can afford a lovely […]

Nate Pyle

Locker Room Jokes

Back in the day, in the 90s, older guys would say sexually vulgar things about women. To be honest, when I was younger, I had seen a beautiful woman or two. I’d express to a friend what I’d do if we hooked up. But it’s impossible for me or anyone I know to brag about […]

The Best of Kanya West

West has attracted an exceeding amount of attention on social media in recent months. For a guy who once idolized Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel, and Freeway, it’s more than just a miracle at this point, when he has become an icon who is only surpassed by Jay Z. Ye appears to have everything a starving […]

Meek Mill is Dope

Let me be the first to say it; during the Drake vs. Meek Mill lyrical squabble, I sided with Drake. There’s no question that Drake is the more prominent superstar. If you’re a Hiphoppa who respects the Kulture, you’d honestly agree. When it comes to that 2015 Drake and Mill battle, The 6 God won. That […]