Canadian Smokers

The sunglasses wearing Virginia Slim damsel who blows her smoke ever so sexy,…” In most places where I’ve been people start smoking because it’s sort of the cool thing to do. Once they start, they get hooked and carry on “being cool”. They lean on walls, walk with a strut, dance, and flick and puff […]

Ill Observations While Living in Toronto

To interpret this blog correctly, it would help if you understood that this is my personal opinion, not researched or proven facts. These aren’t of journalistic value. These are observations I’ve made over the past 9 years in Ontario, Canada. As such, they may not apply to every person in Canada because while Canada has a […]

The Mayor Ford Scandal

The United Provinces of Canada has much in common but to speak for the entire country can also be short-sighted if one has not experienced every province or territory. For example, Quebec stands out with a unique system while Alberta is different and both are poles apart from Ontario. But the one thing that might […]



The majority of the people who are going around liking shit on Facebook are men and what are they pressing the like button on the most? You guessed it!!! A woman’s ASS. A girl can say the dumbest shit on Facebook, as long as she is half naked ALL the men will like it.*


Niggaz gotta write best-selling books, sing chart-topping hits, invent cars, play sports, dance, be rap stars, be CEO and top execs, cook, print money, build skyscrapers, manufacture roads, design high-tech electronics and gadgets, invent social media networks, save the country at war, run the government etc etc. And still might not get too much love… […]