Depending on the narrator of the story, police history varies from continent to continent. Or even from region to region. For example, the very first professionalized police were the Philadelphia PD. Their mandate was to control unbridled worker strikes. According to the text, the authorities (that ran the system back then) initially sent in the army to control the crowd. That often led to a bloodbath. Luckily for everyone, the government created the police as a less deadly option. So basically, when people resisted the law back then the authorities did not change the law or the system, they sent in the military to kill them.

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Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world, is a product of bestiality. According to legend, the God of gods, Zeus, decided that he wanted some human nookie from a Spartan Queen known as Leda. Instead of taking the form of a well-hung Mandingo stallion, he went with the swan option. Lo and behold, when this divine bird smashed the king’s wife, she got pregnant and laid a bunch of eggs. When the eggs hatched, one of them was a girl whom they decided to name Helen. She and her siblings are quasi-divine. Somewhere on the other side of the map, Hecuba, the Queen of Troy gave birth to a son whom they call Alexander. After his birth, they decided he’s cursed and cast him out of their mist.

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Racists do not realize how ignorant they are. They victimize others by keeping annals against the victim’s situation. Racists have no remorse for the horrendous crimes their race has committed against the Aborigines, Africans, Arabs, Asians or the Indian people. And they cling to the idea that those whom they […]

The Black Man

I have a lot to learn about the origin of this great civilization. Therefore I may not be the most prudent narrator of the account of an island in the Caribbean.  I will approach this as a student of this culture. I am someone who marvels at the customs of […]

Grenada (The Introduction)