A list of my top 5 Journalists

One of the few journalists who I actually liked. She and Wolf Blitzer. Lately, it appears journalism has taken a turn from neutrality to a crusader like advocacy. Many people feel that the mainstream networks are using their platform feed us the wrong information. And when I say wrong, I’m not talking amateur journalism. But at […]

Racism is Cancer of the Soul

Racism is a form of mind cancer that we must treat aggressively. In 2017, no one should tolerate any racism anywhere on this planet. Of course, there are laws, governmental, ethical and corporate policies that condemn racial discrimination on paper, but in most developed countries racism is a street problem. It is a problem of […]


Sodom & Gomorrah

Many people make one big mistake. They believe  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. False! Yes, it’s true, the Scripture clearly and unapologetically portrays homosexuality as an “abomination.” However, according to the same scripture, fornication and adultery are just as abominable as homosexuality. Murder, lying, stealing or idol worshiping are all repugnances. There were […]

A Tribute to Richard Taylor

…along with my prayer wary parents and Richard’s entire family, I also met my grandparents and uncles Karim and Tairu who had also been deeply.” In my pedagogy, I was taught that grief comes with [1] shock/denial, [2] anger, [3] bargaining, [4] depression and [5] acceptance. Such is the shattering emotional pain that has come […]