Top Five Representations of the Real Patriarchy

Let’s discuss my top five representations of the real patriarchy. A few years ago the mainstream media implanted the word “patriarchy” into the imprecise lexicon of everyday people. They delivered a new boogieman to the many socially and economically disenfranchised wives, daughters and even sisters of the global society claiming that their husbands, brothers, and fathers are rapey patriarchs who oppress them.


Is Every Black Person Not An African?

I shared this video to highlight the division between people of African lineage. For example, Kanye West once released a song called “Diamonds from Sierra Leone.” A lot of Africans thought that was cool. A black person who was born and raised outside of Africa was identifying with a magnificent place on the continent. But […]

President Mugabe on Western Imperialism

A few years ago, I wrote an article about “African Warlords,” to clarify the meaning from a none Westernized outlook. For example, T. Lentz’s “New History of the First Empire – The collapse of the Napoleonic system.” It describes Napoleon Bonaparte, not as a war criminal or a warlord but a veteran, “general in the […]