I will begin this discussion by stating that I based this argument upon an open debate. It is not a theological critique. I am a Christian who believes in the Bible. I attended Catholic schools where they baptized and confirmed me as a Catholic. Nevertheless, I have made it my responsibility to observe Christianity in the same manner as Yeshua and his thirteen disciples. My question is, how did this religion go from the Hebrews to the Church?

Christians: From the Hebrews to the Church, Yashua to Jesus ...

Why did President Trump wave that Bible outside St John's Church across from Lafayette Park in Washington DC the other day? It was so vital for him to do that, they swept the peaceful protesters out of the way so he could pass. Why was it necessary to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? We had a vast plandemic and economic lockdown. Why? Something else is happening out here. Make no mistake, the purpose of this in-depth blog is NOT to preach to anyone.

Biblical Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel & St. John as ...

We know that the Bible is a powerful book that works. The Gospel speaks about love. To me, love is the answer to every predicament. Is it possible that because of the billions of people who connect to the Gospel, we can use the Bible as a powerful tool for racial reconciliation? There is no doubt that someone can use particular scriptures to justify their sinister intent. One can use it to attack gays or to subjugate women or even to defend racism.

Applying the Gospel as an Instrument for Racial Justice

Since the rise of the Internet and social media, many false prophets have proliferated their teachings. Like the rainbow now represents homosexuality. Or the Eye of Providence now represents the Illuminati. Nothing against homosexuality and the Illuminati, but the truth is, they borrowed their symbolism from the Bible. The triangle […]

The Eye of Providence

Well, gays are adamant about being discriminated against yet they tend to discriminate against those with an opposite viewpoint.” If you’re considering a topic that has more catch twenty-twos than politics, it would have to be religion. Especially if you express the Abrahamic viewpoint. The main religions being Christianity, Islam […]

Indiana Senate Bill Infuriates Heathens Pt. 2

In the late 90s, an underdog community appealed to lawmakers to have the bible and its prayers removed from public schools. Since America was founded on the basis of Christianity many Christians became upset at the idea of removing school prayers from public schools. Not very long after that, the […]

Indiana Senate Bill Infuriates Heathens