Indiana Senate Bill Infuriates Heathens

In the late 90s, an underdog community appealed to lawmakers to have the bible and its prayers removed from public schools. Since America was founded on the basis of Christianity many Christians became upset at the idea of removing school prayers from public schools. Not very long after that, the government announced that it was […]

Lucifer, Lucifer : Sun of the Morning

Ever proud, Lucifer convinced other heavenly beings to plot an insurrection and overthrow God to change the laws of nature. We know Lucifer’s name. In fact, many people deem that Satan’s nature opposite to that of God. Whereas God never appears to anyone Lucifer comes when summoned. All accounts show that despite the fierce horns, the evil and […]


In the United States, Canada, Australia, or England. In France, Italy, Germany, or Spain. All world powers that constitute the Western division of the international community are all Christian countries. Christianity is embedded in the constitution, the declaration of independence [for those that are independent] and in the national anthem. Speaking as a Canadian, the “Oh […]

The Christian Witch – Pt. 1

In my adventures, I’ve found that sometimes the distinction between witchcraft and religion can be decidedly nonessential. Make no mistake that various religious characters are witches. Many people use Christian, Islamic or Jewish faiths to mask their true nature. I am confident that they can do that because most societies do not define religion and […]


No matter how faithful a woman, her faithfulness has never redeemed her from suspicion.” In every religion, women had been described as the weaker sex. Most beliefs do not allow women to lead in the temple. Some do not trust females and accuse women of having a tendency to rebel against traditional “no, no.” Do women […]