Since Mohamed Ali, it hasn’t been common for mainstream athletes to take a controversial stand for civil rights. Collin Kaepernick’s movement is whether or not to stand up during the national anthem of the United States. When it comes to that one must speak carefully. Racism and all, the United States […]

Colin Kaepernick

Beyoncé is here with a powerful message. Get information to get the information. Her message is simple, “stop shooting us.” If the law enforcement community has issues with this message, it should be seen as a sign that they want to continue killing black people. If so, then they’re evil […]

Beyonce’s Formation

Everyone should know that the constitution divides Western societies into legislative, judiciary and executive levels. But we don’t understand what drives the media, law enforcement, and some philanthropic organizations. And they have the potential to work against the public’s interest. You ask how? Take a minute to look at it […]

The Media

In the United States today, there is a significant problem. Even the loudmouths of the mainstream media are tongue-tied when it comes to confronting this issue. This problem is the scourge of police murdofficers patrolling the streets and neighborhoods of America! Can someone say, murderer?! Murderer !!! It doesn’t matter if […]

The Police Murdofficers of America

Everyone who reads my blogs knows that I’m an Independent. I’ve sided with Democrats in the last elections, but I’ve also agreed with some Republican policies. This is because I support views that make common sense make sense. In that respect, I believe that if a so-called New World Order […]