Stitchless Gilf, Cidney Green, in “Choose Pussy Over Pain” Rant

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I don’t think she needed to show us her pussy to prove her point, but she’s 100% right. It’s in our music, movies, comic books or video games. We as a society, are more comfortable with the alarming amount of violence in the world. The graphic nature of death and murder is all over the media and television. When it comes to nudity, the moment someone shows their pussy, they get booed.

She has a ring on her finger?! Man, we have a problem. If they don’t change these laws, they’re gonna jail us all for sexual harassment. Imagine butt naked women in the streets. It’s coming Y’all. It’s here. If men cannot control themselves around clothed women, what will we do when women are fully naked around us? It is my opinion that we have hypocrisy toward sex. Our establishments are socially engineering this for population control. Religion is another contributing factor to the reason why we frown on sex.

But on the other hand I feel if men were harassing women when they had clothes on, can you imagine what it will be like without clothes? Yes, we should be more appreciative and be welcoming to sex as it is pleasurable, it leads to life, and it’s natural, but I don’t think women need to get butt naked to make this point.*

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