Colin Kaepernick

Since Mohamed Ali, it hasn’t been common for mainstream athletes to take a controversial stand for civil rights. Collin Kaepernick’s movement is whether or not to stand up during the national anthem of the United States. When it comes to that one must speak carefully. Racism and all, the United States has offered a blissful transformation to millions of people.

For my part, I firmly believe I won’t be where I am now without the United States. America did not only open large doors of opportunity for me, but she also fed me, put money in my pocket, repaired my self-esteem and today I live somewhat like a king would… in some countries. So, as a patriotic American citizen, you can always expect me to bleed red, white and blue. I idolize this life and the sacrifices that the veterans made to put it this way.

I firmly believe that I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for the United States.”

I’d say the same for Canada. I’ve always told that if the United States called me to defend it, I would go and die for this country. No doubt, the States has its enemies. I have personally had to defend myself against people who assume that since I am an American, that means I am responsible for all of the government’s national and foreign policies. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Another Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

That said, it is also essential for my generation to make a dent in our effort to crack and finally break the barriers of racism, intolerance, and other injustices. I am among those who had suffered racism when several times a white person in America called me black to my face. If not because I wanted a job, I spoke up about something. I asked the wrong person out or assumed equal treatment was my right. When I didn’t realize the other people belittled my race.

Granted, after visiting Europe, I also found some people racist there too.”

I have often joked that I did not realize I’m black until after I went to America. Granted, after visiting Europe, I also found some people racist there too. When it comes to racial profiling in America, the police has followed me on various occasions. Long before I recited my first rap verse. They had pulled me over for bogus reasons, ticketed and summoned me to court. And it was at such an alarming rate that I was literally enraged. That is why I speak up, any chance I get. It’s a terrible experience.

Another Mohamed Ali

I find my encounter with American police to leave me with the impression that they are insensitive, bullish and if you ask me, yes, I have seen white people get away with the same offenses that the police almost gave me a heart attack over. In America, calling the police can lead to someone’s death. If he or she is not killed, they will most certainly be manhandled.

Many of their “charges” end up on criminal or credit record which banishes one to a low-income or just scare the living shit out of them. Imagine that. Living in fear of the police! Lose your temper once or make a silly mistake and you’ll end up dead, lose the already limited opportunities you seek or if lucky, pay a hefty fine? And then the media, presidential candidates or people of other races rub this oppression in our faces whenever they get mad at us? This is a terrible experience!

In this context, I agree with Kaepernick. As I have not been more distrusting of too many justice systems as I am in the United States. I’ve seen droves of policemen commit murder and walk away scotch free. The entire system is brutal and inhumane to people of a minority race, religion, creed or even gender.

Standing Up or Kneeling Down For What is Right

In the same country just about anyone can have the opportunity to date someone amazing. They make more money, enjoy some of the most delicious meals and wear some of the best clothes. While enjoying world-class entertainment; a place where you can get an excellent education. Live in a prestigious home, drive brand new cars and be given the freedom to travel the world, how can this place be the same place where police brutality is incurable cancer?

If one spoke up against these rampant double standards that person is a reprobate or anti-law enforcement? “

How can the country that stands as a world leader with ideas of freedom, liberty, justice and the right to pursue happiness be the same place where there is blatant injustice? A place where your talent can cause you to become a millionaire, where human life is believed to be precious, how can it be the same place where sure murderers go unaccountable?

If one spoke up against these rampant double standards that person is a reprobate or anti-law enforcement? In this regard, the San Francisco 46er quarterback is commendable to have the gall to call for justice. Since the United Nations remain mum on the injustices that black people suffer, to speak so boldly against crime that is embedded in the centuries of the history of this country. I would stand to hear the national anthem, but I understand if a player decides to kneel to make this statement.*

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