“Crime Rhymez” – Tenth Anniversary of “My Book of Chrymes” Publication

“Crime Rhymez” is an ensuing publication. I will release it off Badson Publishing and E-Launch Media Inc. It should be available in all major book stores. As of August 22nd, 2019, there will be physical and digital editions around the world. Crime Rhymez is the 10th-anniversary celebration of “My Book of Chrymes.” That was my first book. Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing published it on August 11th, 2009 in Ontario, Canada. My Book of Chrymes has an accompanying Hip Hop album. Here are a few exciting things about this book.

The first exciting thing about this book is the update to my musical biography. It is not my full biography. Crime Rhymes only concentrates on my experiences during my extraordicary journey as a Hip Hop musician. If you’ve read “My Book of Chrymes” you’d remember that I wrote it over ten years ago. The story ends with the release of my debut album in Toronto, Canada. This edition continues the story from then to now. It brings my fans up to speed with my recent struggles. There are updates on the progress I’ve made on the musical facet of my career since 2009.

As of August 22nd, 2019, there will be physical and digital editions around the world.”

Badson Publishing & E-Launch Media

The second impression that’s startling about this release is the artwork. Where I based the cover art of “My Book of Chrymes” on the element of fire, this one is of the element of water. Ask any artist, and it is possible that they would agree when I say a musician’s musical journey is also a magical one. The artist becomes inspired, then that leads them to write, which they transform from conception to existence during the production process. That creation is later released into the universe where fans, critics and other observers react once they come in contact with that particular art. There are only a few other creations that are as magical as the creation of music.

The third animation concerning this publication is new music. There is an impressive variety of original crossover Hip Hop songs. Look out for a song called, “Demodogs” and another called, “Natural Light.” Anticipate updates on that as well. I’m also adding the lyrics from my 12-12-12 EP, “City of Kings: RELOADED” as part of the collection of rhymes in this book. You’d get my story in music, two of my hardiest rhyme books with a heap of music, I’d written, recorded, produced, and distributed independently. I am very excited about the release of this book!*


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