I’m storming the entertainment stage on October 10th, 2010 with a substantial new release of my second musical effort entitled, “Dark Horse From Romarong… a city of kings”, and its accompanying literary offering, “The Dark Road From Romarong.”

In December of 2009, I announced that the album had been completed at Thunder Dome Sounds in Ontario, Canada and that it was produced by JUNO Award winner, Jazz musician, and producer Eddie Bullen. Earlier this year (2010), it was announced on my official website www.freddywill.com that the new album is recorded solely in the Krio language of Sierra Leone and scheduled to be released worldwide.

Photo credit: Freddy Will Publishing

There is only two guest appearance on this album. They are none other than Eddie Bullen, who is a Grenadian Canadian in the Jazz Industry and Carvin Winans, who is a 6 time Grammy Award winner from the States. Carvin has been a mentor as I transitioned from the streets to the music and literary business. Working with him has been a blast, and as someone who grew up in a gospel family with his brothers Marvin and BeBe and his sister CeCe Winans, I have come to admire his wealth of experience.

To note: There is one English song on the Krio album titled, “Save” which features Carvin Winans. It is an emotionally charged environmental and socially conscious song which calls for a global intervention to address extreme health, socio-economic and climate pandemics in the world.

Photography by: Sai Kit - Chu

I wanted to create a record which would challenge me. I didn’t want to feature too many people. On this album, I put a streetwise twist to West African storytelling which I think is needed in today’s’ art form. Then I stretched my vocal range between rapping and singing on the hooks so that I can prove to myself that if I really wanted to, I could sing. I noticed a few rappers singing hooks, and I wanted to see what I would sound like. However, I won’t be singing a lot on my future records.

“Romarong” is the former name of Sierra Leone. This album describes the lifestyle of someone who is of African heritage and is influenced by the Afro – American lifestyle. It engages listeners with glimpses into the life of a younger generation of African immigrants and second and third generation Africans who were born and raised abroad who have become influenced by western civilization without omitting core traditional African mythologies from their mentality.

Photography by: Sai Kit - Chu

Also, it is about a younger group of Africans who embrace the new world while making most advantageous references to several places around the world where they may reside. “Dark Horse From Romarong… a city of kings” & “The Dark Road From Romarong” are both set for release in a deluxe package along with a new edition of my first book, “My Book Of Chrymes” and a copy of my latest English album entitled “While I’m Still Young … The Talking Drums 1.2v”. Both are currently available for physical distribution and licensing in West Africa. For more information on how you can buy the exclusive rights to sell the books and the albums in your region, please email your inquiries to us.*


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