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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    I embarked a road trip to Enschede, Holland, which is East of the Netherlands. The purpose meeting the Dutch painter Rene Guillot for the first time. Honestly, the art, history, and cultures in Europ’s art-driven lifestyle has always fascinated me. This continent bleeds creativity. In East Holland, I wrote, rapped, produced and executive produced this blazing hot Hip Hop & Rock and Roll track called, “Demodogs.” I featured Punk rapper T. I. M. [a Holland native]. Meeting Rene was a magical experience. He is the first painter I know who lives in an art gallery. Upon meeting him, we discovered that I am an author and Hip Hop artist. He revealed to me that he’s gifted with the electric guitar. Our subsequent conversations led him to invite Tim Jan Blaauwbroek to his home so he could introduce us. Tim is a Hip Hop/Punk Rock in Enschede.

    The Session

    As I am working on new music, I had an instrumental. T. I. M agreed to collaborate with me on the song, “Demodogs.” Along with Rene he made some phone calls to invite a drummer, bass player and book a studio session booked. We hit the studio a day later. When we came out we had this organic and epic Hip Hop / Punk Rock track – “Demodogs.” I would like to extend my appreciation to Rene Guillot and Tim Jan Blaauwbroek. They assisted a divine intervention as it came to fruition. I look forward to more creative endeavors with the two of these artists. Rene Guillot, is a pure bred Hollander who conducts a band dubed “Root Brain.” He once sculpted a statue called “The Dream Catcher.”

    Dreamcatcher by Rene Guillot, and Philippe Zanolino…., in the cathedral on Curacao

    They located the monument on Christoffel mountain on Curacao.

    Rene dedicated the statue to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all freedom fighters around the world.* 


    Saying Never to the Readily Available Free Pornography on the Internet

    Our civilization has gone through more than twenty years with instantly accessible [free] pornography on the web. In these twenty years, we have experienced a pioneering mobile phone revolution that has put the Internet in our pockets, twenty-four hours, and seven days all year long. That is at the same time when the genetic coding of most men dictates that every attractive woman we meet for the first time will arouse us sexually.

    My Reaction to Naughty Dog’s Heartbreaking Video Game, “The Last of Us Part II”

    I have made a climactic shift in the way I socialize with people. It’s not only that. These days, you won’t find me looking for new musicians, inviting strangers to see the latest blockbuster, and I don’t buy unproven video games anymore. Anything I touch should have a predefined motive. I have taken a step back. Today my approach in every situation is relatively reasonable. I look at the history of my involvement in a given situation to decide if that is a path worth continuing.

    Male & Female Consanguinity After the MeToo Movement

    It was only a decade ago when I caught heat from writing about men going their own way. I even suggested that the MeToo Movement is a trojan horse. Today, if you ask me, I’d say it’s sexual harassment to post half nude or nude pictures anywhere. But, a lot of men do not know their worth. They may see such abuse as a privilege. My reason for responding this way is because the person in question causes the men who see her picture to think about sex.

    Justified Remonstrances Free From Ill-considered Demands

    We have to ensure that, even as we call for police reforms, we do NOT alienate our police force. Regardless of our demands for sweeping changes in some of the methods they use, it is outright stupid to advocate for defunding and disbanding our police. If we look at what’s happening, we should see that the police are outstretched in the variety of situations they address. We must define police brutality as their use of unnecessary force against nonviolent suspects.

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