“Demodogs” – Hip Hop & Rock and Roll Track Feat. T. I. M.

I took a road trip to Enschede, the Netherlands, which is East of Holland. My goal was to meet with renowned artist/painter Rene Guillot. Honestly, I’m fascinated by the art, history, and cultures in Europ’s art-driven lifestyle. This continent bleeds creativity. In East Holland, I wrote, rapped, produced and executive produced this blazing hot Hip Hop & Rock and Roll crossover. It features Rock and Roll spitter, T. I. M. [of The Netherlands]. Meeting Rene was a magical experience. He is the first painter I know who lives in his art gallery. Upon meeting, he discovered that I am an accomplished author and Hip Hop artist. I found out that he’s exceptionally gifted with the electric guitar. Our subsequent conversations led him to invite and introduce Tim Jan Blaauwbroek, who is one of the best Hip Hop/Rock and Roll artists in the Netherlands.

Of course, I had a beat. T. I. M agreed to collaborate on my song and the next I knew, he and Rene were on the phone. In less than two hours, we had the best drummer, bass player plus a studio session booked. We hit the studio a day later and came out with this organic and epic Hip Hop / Rock and Roll crossover track called “Demodogs.” Much love to Rene Guillot and Tim Jan Blaauwbroek for assisting this divine intervention to come to fruition. I look for to pursuing more creative endeavors with the two of them. Rene Guillot, who was born and bred in Holland also conducts his band called “Root Brain.” He once sculpted a statue called “The Dream Catcher.”

Dreamcatcher by Rene Guillot, and Philippe Zanolino…., in the cathedral on Curacao

The monument is located on Christoffel mountain on Curacao.

The statue was dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and all freedom fighters around the world.* 

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