The Yonkers Emcee who has sold at least platinum on every one of his album releases vowed to turn his life around after this experience.”

On Wednesday (May 13th) legendary Yonkers, New York, emcee DMX completed his 90 days incarceration at Arizona’s prison. This facility is also known as the Maricopa County Jail. The emcee who has sold at least platinum on every album release has vowed to turn his life around. According to, this is not the first time DMX converted to the faith. X was quoted saying he will use the small screen to help those in a similar position as he was.

“I’m gonna start a TV show called Pain and Perseverance, it’s about how I can reach people that the average person can’t reach because I’m grounded,” X says. “I’m going to give my first sermon in church. That’s going to be incredible for me and hopefully the congregation of that church.”

DMX which stands for Dark Man X was in the process of recording a double LP album titled ‘Walk With Me Now and You Will Fly With Me Later’ when he got incarcerated. This album which was supposed to hit stores on October 14th, 2008 was halted. It’s now expected to be released in the summer of 2009.*

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