Do the Mainstream & Social Media Bastardize Heterosexual Males?

There was a time when you’d read a blog like this and dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. You’d guess it’s sexist, homophobic or a foolish rant. Without question today, slowly but surely you’re beginning to realize. Authors who write this way are in fact the most honest. We don’t despise feminism, homosexuality or authority structures. We are merely the ones who ask you to pay attention to the wool. So no one pulls it over your eyes. You already know that. Right? If you had not discerned the truth before now, you’ve relinquished your preexisting doubt. At this point, you are willing to listen. And to be accurate, that is the best place to begin.

There is nothing wrong with talking about who controls the mainstream and Social media. The question is, are they fair? Are they honest? Are they working towards your best interest? Everyone is talking about free expression and equality. And the mainstream and social media seem to be the biggest platform for those discussions. Are they only promoting one agenda? We may have reasons to suspect that the mainstream and social media are part of a global effort. To control the world towards a new direction. They appear to be working with other significant conglomerates that use the principle of equality as their footstool.

Some coincidences seem to point to one fact. When it comes to actual equality, the mainstream and social media tend to favor one side of the argument. They appear to ignore the other hand completely. And if that is the case, then we can conclude that these platforms only facilitate the side they favor. This attribute is troubling if they were to support medical cocaine or pedophilia for example. If the mainstream and social media have the power to change people’s perspective then at a future time we would be compelled to change our opinions on our ill-humored questions. Some typical examples of this trend are the argument of men’s rights versus women’s rights, religious freedom versus the spread of secularism or the brutality of the police versus the civil rights of immigrants and people of color. Let’s focus on the scope of heterosexual males.

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One-Sided Equality

For this dialogue to be significant, we must agree that there is an apparent puppet master who is breaking our previous norm. One such model is the masculinity of heterosexual males and how we define and organize our family structure. This puppet master and his network of global influencers use politics, the mainstream media, entertainment, social media, financial institutions, the judicial and educational systems. They send subliminal messages to our cell phones, tablets, televisions, and computers. When these messages promote a cause we understand, we cheer. But when they do not, we have no way to change that. As new generations emerge we find that the information that we receive tends to program the minds of the masses gradually. For example, the media encouraged the society of the 18th and 19th century to adhere to Christian values.

Most people follow suit without anyone having to oversee them. They supervise others. And then there are a few who step out of the box and question the entire process. We are like a flock of sheep with an invisible shepherd. However, our shepherd has also said we are free. This freedom comes with mysteries. Like how are you an authority figure if you work for the people? Or, if we don’t want democracy anymore how do you get rid of it? Why are today’s magazines, daytime television or movies only focused on the concerns of the court of public opinion, womanism, and homosexuality? What happened to religious freedom? Why did every western government switch to secularism? Why are they building more prisons instead of schools? Etc.

Biased Reporting

What’s up with the double standard? Should everyone in the public’s sphere be politically correct? Those who can see through the lies told in the mainstream, and social media are exposing them. They are challenging the new wave of global conformity. And how our media dependence plays a critical role in feeding us with the information that we do not need. One of the greatest tactics that this system employs is to repeat the same rumor as if it were a fact. We’ve seen rape allegations against heterosexual males who “used their position of power to get sex from female associates.” But none of the female associate who seduced men in positions of power. There are bastardizing reports against religious dogma but not against social engineering. Many of these allegations only seem to target heterosexual males of good standing in society. For example, the alleged rape culture.

You see reports about priests who engage in pedophilia but not those who perform charity. The disturbing part about this double standard is the media ignores when the ball is in the other court. Suddenly there is no outcry. Mysterious distractions occur, like a parent who favors one child over the other. For example, 50 Cent to delete his Instagram account. They removed all of his posts that exposed the double standard when it comes to heterosexual males vs. feminist celebrities. Although if he goes to Twitter, or Facebook they will do the same. Especially when it comes to “revenge porn,” the mainstream media only flag them if they shame a slut or false rape accuser. When the victim is male, the mainstream and social media use that same post as supporting evidence.

Man Shaming

The mainstream and social media enrages the public against their belief. The same conclusion that the educational, financial, judicial or entertainment system instilled in them. Hence, any allegation becomes admissible in the court of public opinion. Once the media has made a claim public information, then the justice system steps in with a charge. Which of course the press influenced jury then convicts. As this continues, feminist organizations apply pressure on the corporation to not only stop doing business with the victim but also to undo his past accomplishments. They also urge the said victim’s spouse to divorce him. Now, you would expect the same passion when a policeman murders an unarmed citizen, but you don’t.

As long as the plan is not to bastardize or humiliate heterosexual males, then the media or the brainwashed public shows no interest. The mainstream media only run with a story like the Me Too Movement agenda. Like a one way street. It’s a cold war against “patriarchy” using unproven allegations or setups. The conspiracy is for the mainstream and social media to bring pre-eminent MEN under scrutiny. The whole while it’s spoon feeding the primarily brainwashed public with biased information. First, they spread a rumor; then they get someone to go public with a story, and then it’s a wrap. If you do the same thing to a female, they classify that as an invasion of her privacy or “revenge porn.” They even go as far as calling it slut shaming.

Economic Diversion

Have you heard phrases like husband shaming, cheater shaming or revenge alimony? No! Because this system is not there to protect husbands, religion, male sexuality or victims of false allegations. It’s there to do the opposite. Remember as much as they love homosexuality they only report on female victims of rape or domestic abuse. They exonerate policemen who commit crimes. That’s the rule of this game which the media has severely brainwashed the public to play. The goal is to bring down pre-eminent men especially the heterosexual ones (not women). Or prevent straight male figures from rising to prominence. Yes, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social and mainstream media outlets appear to be in on this scheme.

Major corporations, as well as the justice courts and educational systems, appear to be in on it. Of course, they utilize the police as their armed forces. They employ apparent double standards in what I continue to call “justified bigotry.” They fuel womanism while flagrantly discriminating against guys. If a woman cheats on her spouse, they come up with an explanation. It’s the spouse’s fault. If a man cheats, he’s a player or a dog. They propagate his example across the board and classify all other men as cheaters. They block people with the generation X upbringing from teaching their set morals. And they allow those from the new generation to promote their gay agenda. The puppet master is dictating the tone of our mentality regardless if we want it or not.


For another example, record labels do not sign some of the best conscious rappers anymore. But you will find the wackest mumble rappers doing Pepsi commercials. Even when their album flopped, and the Hip Hop community openly condemns everything for which they stand. If we don’t play along and we stick to the brainwashing we received in the 70s and 90s they will use false allegations to discredit or disgrace us. Take our credibility away and usher in the new batch of robots. If 50 Cent keeps exposing the double standard, they will probably find something to accuse him off and use that to bring him down.*

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